Find yourself getting bored with the same multiplayer or racing games? Well it’s time for you to try reverting back to the classics. Arcade games are fast and action packed video games with decent graphics and engaging gameplay. They have short play time and consistent and simple gameplay, with challenges increasing with the game’s progression. It was one of the most popular genres for a long time where people had to play it in coin-operated gaming machines. And even now, it is perfect for anyone who prefers short and intense gameplay having a sense of familiarity. Android makes arcade gaming a lot easier, and here we provide a list of the best arcade games you can install which will keep you hooked up for long in 2020.

R-Type Classic Arcade

R-Type Arcade Game

R-Type is a horizontal-scrolling shooter arcade title in which you have to take down an alien invasion from your star ship. It has several sequential levels, each with a boss enemy at the end. You can control your ship directly or with an on-screen joystick. This challenging game with fast-paced gameplay is one which is definitely worth your time.

Brick breaker Arcade

Brick breaker Arcade game

The Brick Breaker is one nostalgic game which reminds us of our childhood. Break as many bricks as you can from different angles, but make sure to save your ball after each hit. The graphics are vivid and it has a space-like background which makes the gameplay beautiful. It is available completely offline, and the various stages and challenges would keep you engaged in this arcade game.

Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic

This game is all about getting your customers to their destinations while driving a taxi, within a limited time, to earn money. For this you have to drive super-fast or even break the traffic rules if required. The classic punk soundtracks hype up the gameplay. You can also compete against other players from all over the world.

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Metal Slug 3 Arcade Game

Metal Slug 3 Arcade Game

Metal Slug 3 is a classic run-and-gun arcade, which has long been praised for its refined balance and game volume. There are multiple modes available- Single player campaign, Arcade and Mission mode. You have to constantly shoot at a stream of enemies and level up, until you confront a final boss. There are various weapons- from melee weapons such as knives, to guns and tanks. It also has a co-op mode to play with friends, and a multiplayer mode.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an endless runner game in which you swipe controls to run, turn and jump while exploring an ancient floating temple. It also makes use of gyroscope for angles and has stunning and detailed visuals. Each players have their own unique power-up, which can be activated once you fill the power meter. It is a fast-paced running game with souped-up graphics, stunning visuals and impressive gameplay.

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