The Pokemon Go Battle League is on its full swing in Season 3, and currently Great League is unlocked for trainers. The 1500 CP cap is crucial and shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it is allows us to explore the mostly ignored non-legendaries which not cost less stardust and candies, but also have great potential hidden within. Even though this league does not contain most of the Pokemons known to be strongest in game, it can be equally challenging as Ultra or Master league.

UPDATE: With the latest update on July 28, Niantic has made some changes to the moves in PvP, which has affected the list, and currently the most powerful Pokemon for Great League is Azumarill. Here are the changes:

MovesMove TypingChanges
Drill PeckFlying-typeNow deals 65 damage (60 earlier)
Brave BirdFlying-typeNow deals 130 damage (90 earlier). Lowers user’s damage (-3 self defence)
InfestationBug-typeNow gains +12 energy (+11 earlier)
HexGhost-typeNow gains +12 energy (+11 earlier)
Powder SnowIce-typeNow deals 5 damage (4 earlier)
BlizzardIce-typeNow deals 150 damage (140 earlier)
Focus BlastFighting-typeNow deals 140 damage (150 earlier)
MoonblastFairy-type10% change of buffing opponent’s attack by -1 ( 30% earlier)

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With these changes in mind, let us have a look at the Pokemons which are currently best to include in your team for Great League battles:

10. Venusaur


Type: Grass / Poison

Weakness: Fire, Ice, Flying, Psychic

Another starter Pokemon, Venusaur is not only easy to obtain, but also has impressive stamina for a Grass-type. It has impressive and balanced stats, and following its Community Day, has access to some of the best movesets. Also, being a Poison-type gives it an upper hand over other Grass-types.

Razor Leaf is perfect for Fast-move, and even though Vine Whip generates more energy, Razor Leaf deals an impressive damage. Also, if you have access to Frenzy Plant (Community Day exclusive) as a Charge move, you need not worry about power generation, for it charges up super fast. Sludge bomb is another great move, which you can opt for as your secondary moveset. Solar beam is another option, not really recommended due to its huge energy requirement, but if you don’t have Frenzy Plant, you can go for it.

9. Deoxys (Defence)

Deoxys (Defence)

Type: Psychic

Weakness: Bug, Dark, Ghost

Defence Forme Deoxys is probably the rarest Pokemon in the list, and owing to its huge bulk, and having access to some impressive movesets, it is a legacy for your team. It’s diversified movesets manages to counter most of its weakness; Ghost-type however being the real threat.

Deoxys Defence is the best among its family to use in the Great League. Counter is great as a Fast-move, and being a Fighting-type move is great to use against the prominent Steel-types. For Charged move, you can opt for Rock Slide, which counters one of its weaknesses: Bug-types, or Thunderbolt, which combined with Counter, deals double damage to Steel. Psycho Boost isn’t recommended, as it gives Deoxys a negative attack debuff.

8. Swampert


Type: Ground / Water

Weakness: Grass

Swampert is one of the most powerful starter Pokemon, which works wonderfully well in all the three leagues. As long as you are not faced with a Grass-type, Swampert will plough through your opponents with ease, and is a powerful addition to your team.

Mud Shot is a must-have in Great League, with a fair energy gain. If you have a Swampert which you evolved during Community Day, congratulations; for Hydro Cannon is one of the best in Great League. However, if you don’t have Hydro Cannon, go for Surf, as they both have really less energy requirement, but deal a decent amount of damage. Having two charged moves is highly recommended, and being a starter Pokemon, it is not very costly.

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7. Registeel


Type: Steel

Weakness: Fire, Fighting, Ground

Due to its Legendary status, Registeel can be difficult to acquire, and is quite uncommon in Great League, unlike Skarmory. In addition, it’s huge bulk makes it a wonderful closure, meaning it is excellent to save your shields.

Lock on is the Fast-move you should be looking for, as it is the best energy generator in the whole game. Flash Cannon is relatively cheaper and primarily recommended, and has STAB advantage; however Focus Blast is a one-shot move owing to its ridiculous amount of damage. Therefore, we suggest you to collect enough candies and obtain both of those moves, which would allow Registeel to end it’s opponents with ease.

6. Skarmory


Type: Steel / Flying

Weakness: Fire, Electric

The unique Steel and Flying-type pairing makes Skarmory resistant to most other types in the game (it has 10 resistances), and it’s high bulk as well as attack. It can hold up against Altaria, and with the correct movesets, can even beat it, making it a viable lead in your team.

Air Slash is a decent move offering impressive energy gain; but Steel Wing has STAB bonus and additional damage, with slightly less energy gain. We still recommend to go for Air Slash. For Charged move, Sky Attack is an absolute must, as the STAB bonus makes it extremely devastating and is the cheapest at the same time. While going for a secondary Charged move, opt out of Brave Bird, as your Skarmory can faint before its move comes, due to its huge energy requirement. Go for Flash Cannon instead.

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5. Azumarill

Type: Water / Fairy

Weakness: Electric, Grass, Poison

Currently, Azumarill sits on the number 1 position in Great League, due to its highest possible stat product (combination of ATK/DEF/HP). It is the best counter for Altaria, and it’s huge defence makes it an excellent closure i.e. when you don’t have any shields left.

Bubble should be the ideal Fast-move, due to its decent damage, with huge energy generation. Ice Beam has to be your first choice for a powerful Charged move and to counter likes of Altaria, and it can also counter Grass-types. Play Rough is another great move, with a STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), and is effective against Dragon and Dark-types.

4. Umbreon


Type: Dark

Weakness: Fairy, Bug, Fighting

Umbreon is the best eeveelution for Great Battle, with its high defence stats to back it up. And if you manage to gain it’s Community Day move Last Resort, match it up Foul Play or Dark Pulse, and you’ll get an absolute beast. It is a great counter for most of the top-tier attackers, and is a legacy to your team.

Snarl as a Fast move is ideal, and is much superior to Feint Attack as it deals higher defensive DPS. It mostly has three Charged moves: cheaper Foul Play requiring less energy, and dealing less damage, Dark Pulse, which is marginally better than Foul Play for a little extra damage, and Last Resort, it’s legacy move from Community Day to dish out Dark-type resistances. If you do not have Last Resort, you can go for either, or more ideally, both.

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3. Galarian Stunfish

Galarian Stunfish

Type: Ground / Steel

Weakness: Fire, Fighting, Water, Ground

Galarian stunfish can be hard to attain outside events, and it’s excellent typing makes it resistant to Grass-types: which Ground-types fear the most. It has a good bulk, and has access to extremely fast Charged moves. It’s steel type makes it resistant to most other types, including Azumarill, which allows it to last longer in battle.

Mud shot as a charged move is recommended, for its excellent energy gain. Rock Slide is a great option for Charged attack, for its coverage against most other types and less energy requirement. Even though Earthquake and Flash Cannon benefit from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) and deals more damage, they require huge energy to charge.

2. Whiscash


Type: Water / Ground

Weakness: Grass

An uncommon typing of Water as well as Ground, Whiscash is extremely viable for attacking Electric-types (Raichu is fairly common in Great League), and with its impressive movesets, this Pokemon is also backed up with a huge health pool. You should watch out for Grass-types here, as it is doubly weak to them, so consider adding a Fie or an Ice-type to your team as a counter.

Mud shot as the Fast move is great, as it charges up Mud bomb crazy fast, and the opponent may find themselves getting confused as when to use the shield. But if you fear the Grass-type, go for Blizzard as your secondary Charged move. However, it requires significantly more energy to charge, so your best strategy would be to back it up with some good Grass-type counters.

1. Altaria


Type: Dragon / Flying

Weakness: Fire, Fighting, Ice, Psychic

Altaria is a great lead to drown the opponent’s HP even before they have the opportunity to use their Charged attack. Dragon-types are quite uncommon at this level, and owing to the fact that it requires 400 candies to evolve, it comes as unexpected as rare, and is quite a privilege to add into your team.

With Brave Bird now having a massive 130 damage, it is a must-have as it’s Charged move. Dragon breath is extremely devastating as Fast-move, and you should never opt for anything other than that. If you manage to gain extra candies, you can go for Dragon Pulse, as having a Dragon-type move is always a bonus here.

In order to assure your victory in the Great League, you need to come up with a diverse team, with each of the member’s weaknesses getting countered by another. The list we have above contain the Pokemons which are considered to be powerful in general; however it does not ensure 100% victory. You’ll be entering the match blindly, not knowing your opponent’s team, and you have to rely solely on your own tactics, and yes, your luck.

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