Shiny Pokemons are the rarest iterations to exist in the Pokemon Go world, and have been most sought by the trainers. The chances to encounter them are really slim, and legendary Pokemons makes the process even more difficult. But the exhilarating pleasure one gets after catching them is worth all the pain. There are a number of shiny legendaries released by the games, some having the chances of catching as low as 2.5 – 3 in 100 encounters.

It must be clear why having those in your team is a real honour- it sets you apart from the mainstream players. So, here is the list of top 10 legendary Pokemons which are a must-have, and you should consider going after them.

10. Shiny Mewtwo

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

Mewtwo has always been an iconic legendary, and for most old-school trainers, it is the first legendary Pokemon which comes to their mind when you talk about strength and aggression.

The normal Mewtwo is primarily pale lavender, with a long purple tail. This already speaks of power, but the shiny form, which has its colours flipped from pale lavender to white and from purple to green (including its eyes), it definitely speaks of power with elegance. And if you have the notion that green shinies look awful, you should have a look at it- it is green, but with a lighter shade, and the way it is contrasted with its white body- it definitely looks elegant.

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9. Shiny Lugia

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

One of the trio masters of the Legendary birds of the Pokemon world, Lugia is a Pokemon which already looks powerful and magnificent. The shiny form of Lugia gives it a bit different appearance, if not accentuating it’s looks.

The pale silver-while body primarily remains the same, what differs is it’s dark-blue protrusions covering its eyes, back and tail, along with its blue torso. They transform into a deep shade of red, almost maroon, giving it a more fierce look. While many would prefer the blue colour of its normal form, one cannot deny that the maroon colour makes it feel more powerful and offensive.

8. Shiny Moltres

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

One of the three legendary birds of Kanto, Moltres has the ability to control fire. It’s flowing head crest and tail, along with its wings are shrouded in fiery plumage, and the shiny form makes it look as if it just came out of a volcano.

Unlike shiny Articuno and shiny Zapdos, shiny Moltres does look a bit different than its normal form. The original golden colour of its body changes into deep pink, and it’s flames turns from lighter orange to a much more concentrated colour, making it look like it’s jetting out fire of a thousand degrees. It’s beak and feet, too, change from brown to deep orange, making it feel like a stronger version of itself, which is dripping wet with molten lava.

7. Shiny Raikou

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

Raikou is a yellow, tiger-like Pokemon which was one of three Pokemons resurrected by Ho-oh, and embodies the speed of lightning. This is why the yellow colouring of its body with white underside and hints of blue on its muzzle and tail suits it’s type. And when you look at the shiny form, it will seem like a much stronger Raikou.

The body changes to a deeper orange colour, with the purple colour of its mane replaced by yellow. The light blue ‘X’ on its muzzle and it’s tail is changed to grey, and makes it look as if it’s the source of concentrated electricity. The black patterns on its body contrasts well with the deeper orange colour. While the colour is vibrant, it does not at any place seems too much, and definitely accentuates it’s electric typing.

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6. Shiny Cobalion

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

Shiny Cobalion is one which is often accused of resembling it’s normal form way too much. But if you for once forget about those opinions and look for yourself, you will see how different it really is.

The light blue colour of its body acquires a deeper, royal shade of blue, while it’s jagged tannish yellow horns and shoulder protrusions turns into lime green- which is very much different and noticable. The whole colour combination makes it more defined, and accentuates it’s already intense, soldier-like demeanor.

5. Shiny Terrakion

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

This is the Pokemon spoken of in legends. The dual-type Rock and Fighting type legendary Pokemon, Terrakion has a build which speaks of power. The shiny form has a colour combination which stands out more than its dull grey and black normal counterpart.

The saturated red colour with hints of blue makes it more noticeable. While the grey and black combination of the original form suits it’s typing, we can’t deny that the new brown colour it acquires does the same task, in fact in a better manner. The ridges on the top of its head turns a deep shade of red which is almost maroon, and the dull orange shards on its shoulders (along with its eyes), turn into a shade of bright blue. This whole colour combination makes it look even more phenomenal than the powerful legendary it already is.

4. Shiny Raquaza

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

The release of shiny Raquaza set new standards for the shiny Pokemons in the game and is considered to be their dream shiny for many trainers.

Black shines are already rare and with the already distinct build of Raquaza, it stands out bright. Raquaza has a typically serpent-like body with yellow runes. While these runes get somewhat lost in its original form, the shiny form accentuates them with it’s dark green body (which is so dark it’s almost black). To finish it off, the dull red colour of its rudder-like wings running down its body turns vibrant red, giving it a fierce look.

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3. Shiny Ho-oh

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

An avian Pokemon resembling a phoenix and a peacock, which is known to leave a rainbow trail behind it- Ho-oh is the example of a powerful Pokemon with a thoughtful build. It’s shiny form is just as exquisite.

The shiny form differs from the original form due to its golden plumage, and silver tail and beak. The combination of gold and white feels exquisite, and the golden wings tipped with red gives the impression of a constantly burning fire- which (if you are a Pokemon fan), you must know that being the mascot of the Johto region, suits it completely and gives it a regal appearance.

2. Shiny Giratina

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

Giratina is already one majestic looking Pokemon, and it’s shiny form speaks for itself. The darker wings, the silver armour combined with the electric blue highlights speaks of an incredible colour combination. The body changes to a lighter hue of peach, and the whole look gives it the eerie vive reminiscent of a true Ghost type.

The shiny form is everything what you’d expect- it changes in just the right amount, and just the right ways, and the result is one of the most exquisite shinies you’ll ever find in the game. Giratina is already one sick Pokemon to add to your team, and a shiny will primp up.

1. Shiny Cresselia

10 Gorgeous Shiny Legendary In Pokemon Go 2020 IrisGuardian

Cresselia is a Pokemon resembling the crescent moon with a swan-like body and it speaks of elegance. It’s wings release shiny particles from its wings creating a veil around it. It already sounds gorgeous, but wait till you know about the shiny.

The pink eyes, along with the deep pink tuft on its head turns into blue. While it’s glowing pink ring-like wings turns into shades of glowing blue, which feels almost fairy-like and is beautiful in true sense. It’s back, originally blue changes into purple, and the whole build gives it a majestic look. Definitely one of the best shinies in the game.

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