The inclination of the gamers towards Battle Royale games started with the launch of the Player Unknown’s Battleground, or PUBG Mobile in 2018. A battle royale is an online multiplayer gaming genre, involving survival, exploration, and scavenging element with last-man-standing gameplay. The players drop in on a large map with minimal or no supplies and scavenge their way out as a lone survivor.

Here in this article, we have listed down the best variations of this world-class gaming genre. These are the games we have tested, rated and believe is worth your time.

PUBG Mobile: Player Unknown’s Battleground

IrisGuardian - 5 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS

PUBG was the original game which is believed to kick off the Battle Royale craze, and its mobile version brought mobile gaming into the eSports forefront.

If you’re looking for a classic battle royale experience, with serious and tactical gameplay, look no further. It pits 100 players against each other either in solo, duo or squad modes all fighting it out for the inevitable chicken dinner for the victory. The game gets constant updates with new modes, skins, cool costumes, various cross-over events. The game itself is pretty immersive with balanced mechanics and accurate physics simulation.

The fact that the game is surprisingly well formatted to mobile devices only makes the franchise and game more popular than it already is. This is indeed one fully playable, feature-packed, and stable iteration of a demanding PC and Console game.

Fortnite Battle Royale

IrisGuardian - 5 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS

Riding on the coattails of PUBG mobile, Fortnite smashed its way into mainstream popularity for mobile devices. Fortnite makes things interesting because it mixes the traditional battle royale with vivid colours, and an outstanding, freeform building system that’s unlike anything else in competitive multiplayer games.

So, apart from staying alive and eliminating other players in the map, you have to collect resources to build walls, stairs and more to defend yourself from enemy fire. The game includes a 100-player battle royale in which you drop from a onto a colourful map (from a flying party bus :b), scavange weapons, and eliminate other players.

While PUBG’s fight are filled with long, tense standoffs, where sustained accuracy often matters more than a single shot, Fortnite makes the fights a bit more complicated than simply aiming at your opponent and firing. It’s a fun and chaotic system which offers a pleasant contrast from the traditional, bland military simulations.

Fortnite’s off-centre style and unique blend of shooting and building sets itself apart from the crowd and will almost never offer anything less than an outstanding time.

Call of Duty: Mobile

IrisGuardian - 5 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS

Over the years there has been various attempts to bring that Call of Duty field to mobile devices. And finally, the original one is now here. Developed by Tencent, and published by Activision, COD Mobile brings home the the challenging single-player missions with a multiplayer engine that breathed new life into a genre spawned by many great games.

The battle royale mode in this game is by no means just another clone. It comes with a few unique differences- for example the variety of vehicles which you can drive in the game like the helicopter, or weapons through which you can see through walls.

Call of Duty: Mobile also introduces in the COD classes, so you can play as a mechanic, as a scout, or a ninja. As a fun twist, the mode also has a bunch of zombies roaming around the map, or enormous monsters which are hard to defeat. No wonder it is one of the most diversified battle arenas on mobile.

Garena Free Fire

IrisGuardian - 5 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS

With nearly 500 million downloads and 15 million active players per day, Garena Free Fire is one of the latest mobile game to hit the 1 billion dollar in gross revenue.

It is one of the biggest and most popular battle royale game is South East Asia, and Latin America. It can run on lower specs devices and is different from other battle royale games because it focuses on hero star character classes and abilities.

With only 50 players, each round is fast paced, and lasts for around 10 minutes. It differentiates itself from other battle royale games by it’s unique character system. The game has over 10+ unlockable characters, each having their own unique features- like the bodyguard who reloads faster, or the nurse who restores more HP while reviving allies.

If good graphics is important for you, then this game is not for you. However, what this game offer is a fast paced dynamic gameplay, which you can enjoy even in low-end devices.

Cyber Hunter

IrisGuardian - 5 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS

Cyber Hunter is one of the few Battle Royale that actually offers a unique gameplay, and it spices things up with various fun additions. It drives you into a futuristic cyber punk world, where the focus is not only on survival, but also on exploration.

Every surface in the game is climbable, the visuals are great, and there are five major weapons which you can use in a game- SMGs , Rifles, Sniper rifles, Shotguns, and throwables. All these weapons come with their own unique special abilities- grenades which can freeze water, or a shotgun that can heal your teammates. It has a massive choice of vehicles, and these vehicles too, have their own special skills. For example, they can can transform into boats, or planes or even mecca’s.

To top all these off, it has an awesome soundtrack which really brings out the cyber punk vibes of the game and it changes based on your actions. This is what really impressed us and we hope you will like it too.

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