Offering adrenaline-packed and dynamic action, the FPS or the First Person Shooter genre is still all time favourite of most gamers. Traditionally available in PCs, FPS games are now cutting niche within the pro-gamer community. Be it Quake Arena earlier or PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty now, it still remains one of the most trending genre.

NOTE: As always, while compiling our recommendations, we’ve favoured newer iterations of realism-focused games. However, there’s still plenty of room for legacy titles with timeless quality, and some of the classics which deserve recognition for their contribution for aiding the genre.

While FPS games are available both in online and offline mode, offline mode retain players by keeping the momentum of the gaming session, even when they are in internet dead zones. On the other hand, online games improve coordination, multitasking skills and problem-solving ability. So blow out some of your steam with these five, first person shooter games.

Dead Effect 2

IrisGuardian - 5 Best FPS Games For Android & iOS in 2020

While Dead Effect was quite an impressive FPS game, Dead Effect 2 outperforms it by improving everything it’s predecessor brought to Android. A sci-fi shooter game, Dead Effect 2 mixes an amazing plot with elements of horror and console-quality graphics.

With around 20 hours of immersive gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions, the game is bound to keep you hooked for long. It provides you with 40+ upgradable weapons and gadgets, and numerous characters to choose from. The plot is mainly set inside a spaceship were you’ll be fighting with monsters- varying from zombies and mutants to high-tech robots.

For those who love science fiction, this is the perfect FPS game for you with an amazing and thoughtful plot and excellent graphics.

Bright Memory Mobile

IrisGuardian - 5 Best FPS Games For Android & iOS in 2020

A Chinese indie PC shooter game, Bright Memory was launched for mobile to get enough money to work on the larger PC version. The players, however were much enthralled by this version as it has fantastic gameplay with realistic physics and compelling visuals. It tells an adventure story of Sheila of the National Science Research Organisation, and her fight to protect her research.

The players can control different styles of special abilities and create a set of gorgeous combos with combination of skills. While the virtual joystick is somewhat unstable, the players get compensated with the heavy aim assist. The game offers you a variety of weapons with holographic red dots, and your character has various skills and abilities like dodge down, knife beam, remote hook lock, etc, which intensifies the combats.

A full playthrough of Bright Memory will take you about 30 to 40 minutes, which is quite less owing to the amount you’d pay for it. You’re encouraged to play the game three times to complete all the achievements, and even then you’d be done with the game in less than two hours.

While the game is extremely short, we’d still recommend it for its amazing core FPS gameplay and stunning graphics.

Modern Combat 5

IrisGuardian - 5 Best FPS Games For Android & iOS in 2020

Modern Combat 5 is a fast paced, intense action game and is among the most popular and mainstream FPS games on mobile devices. This game is a series of video games developed and published by Gameloft. Making Modern Combat 5: Blackout it’s latest iteration of them all.

The game features excellent graphics, music and voice performance, and you’ll definitely enjoy the stunning action-packed gameplay. There is an exciting fast-paced storyline- The world is on the brink of anarchy and you must fight through it. It also has an online multiplayer mode where you can build your own squad from nine classes and add your friends for team play. It also has a large collection of high powered guns.

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Hitman Sniper

IrisGuardian - 5 Best FPS Games For Android & iOS in 2020

An offline shooting game where you get to play as a cold-blooded professional sniper is sure to give you a kick. Hitman:Sniper lets you play as agent 47, where your job is to complete missions by infiltrating marked locations and eliminating all threats.

Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and play the best sniper shooting game on mobile. Instead of rash shooting, you have to work with strategy- explore the location, hide in the shadows and study the behaviour of the guards, and then maybe set up a shop outside the enemy base and take them down through the scope. The game offers you over 150 missions, 10 different contracts, numerous snipers to unlock and various strategic elements. Apart from the contract based missions, there is also a zombie mode where you can go wild with your sniper.

An inexpensive FPS game with a touch of professionalism, you’re bound to be engaged in this for long.

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Into The Dead 2

IrisGuardian - 5 Best FPS Games For Android & iOS in 2020

Be prepared to step into a world captured by zombies. Arm yourself with powerful weapons and start your endless fight with hordes of zombies to survive and save your family.

Into the dead 2 is one of the best zombie games available for Android and is sequel to the popular Into the Dead. It has 7 chapters with evolving stories and hundreds of challenges with a big collection of powerful and upgradable weapons. Earn bonus points, collect and upgrade weapons, run down and hunt as many zombies as you can. You also get to form friendship with your loyal dogs in other to complete your journey. It has seven different endings, so your choices will affect your outcome.

With above average graphics, and a dynamic plot with danger at every step, this FPS game is sure to keep you engaged for long.

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