The ultimate target for performance optimization in gaming is to increase the frame rate: a higher frame rate delivers a smoother gameplay. Until last few years, people didn’t normally care about the screen refresh rate; and even for those who did, an average FPS of 60 for a 2D game or mid-scaled 3D games was considered high performance. But the gaming industry witnessed a revolution with the launch of Razor Phone sporting a refresh rate of 120Hz- something found only in laptops.

Soon Asus joined in with a 90Hz refresh rate display in ROG phone, and with OnePlus tagging in with it’s affordable 90Hz display in OnePlus 7 Pro, it now seems 90Hz is the current norm for future. Almost all the popular OEMs are now set to implement the technology- big flagships like Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S11, Asus ROG Phone 2 are alright in the game.

So with the increasing popularity of the high rate display in phones, tons of games started exploiting the technology and supported high frame rates. If you have been looking for 90fps or 120fps games for Android, here is the list of the best games you can play at high frame rates.

Advantages of high frame rates in gaming

5 Best Mobile Games With 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Support IrisGuardian

Now that you understand why we say the more frames rendered each second means a smoother and more responsive gameplay, let us now explore the advantages.

  1. Smoother animation
    At lower frame rates, you would find the gaming animations looking choppy almost as if it’s skipping from one point to another. This means you are not able to instantly react to on-screen actions.
  2. Reduced Ghosting
    Ghosting is an effect in which the colours do not change when the display refreshes. It looks like a trail behind the object (typically found at the position of the object in the previous frame). At higher frame rates, viewing an object in motion is much clearer and provides a much better target tracking.
  3. Reduced Tearing
    When the display shows different frames from the GPU at the same time, tearing occurs. You can see an image shift or a horizontal tear on the object when this occurs. This happens when there is a mismatch between the GPU and display’s Hz. The bottom half of the object seems to be moving forward, while the upper half is left behind. This makes the gameplay feel choppy and creates distracting effects.

Best Mobile Games Supporting 90Hz or 120Hz

One thing you should understand is that even if your phone supports 90 or 120Hz display, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to implement the additional frame rates into gaming: it totally depends on the game which you’re playing. Some of the most popular Android games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile are yet to push beyond 60 frames per second.

Nevertheless, the Google Play Store offers you a number of games which gives support all the way upto 120fps. We have handpicked the best ones which are highly immersive and have excellent gameplay experience, and those of you having phones with a high screen refresh rate would definitely enjoy. Here’s the list:

1. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (120Hz)

5 Best Mobile Games With 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Support IrisGuardian

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free to play mobile role playing game, in which the players command a party of distinct characters on a journey to stop the Dark Lord Veritas.

You enter the game world as Rain- a young knight from the Kingdom of Grandshelt along with his his companion Lasswell. The game’s story unfolds in the form of JRPG-style dialogues, and cut scenes to advance you to stop the Dark Lord from destroying the crystals.

Final Fantasy features some remarkable sprite work, and have an amazing realisation of characters. The soundtrack is catchy and surprisingly well made, which will keep you engaged in the mood of the game ( the use of choirs for the epic fights is definitely impressive).

While it is trapped behind the many of the usual free to play mobile conventions, it offers you a lot of fun to compensate.

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2. Modern Combat Versus (120Hz)

5 Best Mobile Games With 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Support IrisGuardian

Modern Combat Versus is a free multiplayer first person shooter game, from the popular French gaming company Gameloft. Players get to play as 12 specialized Agents, each with their own unique guns and abilities. The multiplayer battles takes place between two teams of four players, and the primary goal is to capture and hold a central area, meanwhile eliminating any opponents getting in your way.

It is one of the most visually sophisticated shooter games out there, and will appeal to everyone- from hardcore to casual gamers. While the game is not completely perfect, with issues ranging from drawing of weapons to shooting mechanics, it is still one of the best multiplayer games you can get your hands on.

3. Pokemon Go (120Hz)

5 Best Mobile Games With 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Support IrisGuardian

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, developed and published by Niantic, in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. It brings forth a real world to ‘catch ’em all’ and has been a massive success.

The game makes use of the player’s smartphone camera and GPS signal, and makes it feel as if wild Pokemons are appearing around in the real world. The trainers have to walk around, and explore the wild to catch various Pokemons. There are various gyms and PokeStops, the chance to battle and trade Pokemons, hatch eggs and challenge the Team Go Rocket- making the trainers experience the anime in the real world. Not to mention the physical activity needed to play this game was much appreciated, and it’s appealed to players of any age groups- making it a phenomenal success.

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4. Marvel Contest of Champions (120Hz)

5 Best Mobile Games With 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Support IrisGuardian

Are you a fan of Marvel and were enthralled with the Civil war and Endgame? Then you’d definitely love Marvel Contest of Champions. You can create your own custom war- just choose the character and fight against the well-known Marvel heroes and Villains. The controls are super easy which is tailored for touchscreens, and offers you fast and fluid battle experience. It takes inspiration from the Marvel Comics mini-series Contest of Champions, and although most characters feel the same, the fast and slick combat housed within can definitely make this game your new obsession.

The graphics are excellent, controls simple don’t require you to memorize long list of combos, a huge assortment of characters and amazing gameplay- making it one of the finest games available in the Play Store.

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5. Alto’s Adventure (120Hz)

5 Best Mobile Games With 90Hz or 120Hz Refresh Support IrisGuardian

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner snowboarding game in which you snowboard down a mountain and collect coins, while avoiding obstacles. It’s stunning yet aesthetic terrain, gorgeous soundtrack and zero in-app purchase is very much appealing.

The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, yet challenging to master, thus maintaining your interest for a long time. You have to tap on the screen to jump over obstacles, or to pull of tricks by holding the wires strung between the poles. It provides a premium gaming experience and is well worth your time and money.


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