While rare candies are actually one of the top-tier items in Pokemon Go, trainers often seem confused about it. Unlike other candies in game, which are only ‘Pokemon specific’ and can only be used by single unique speicies of Pokemon, Rare candy gives you the liberty to be used on any Pokemon in game! This means, Rare Candy is ideal for both, powering up or making a Legendary Pokemon learn new Charged Attacks. However, not all Legendary Pokemon are top-tier performers and not all of them are going to fulfill your needs.

In situations like these, Trainers prefer specific Pokemon which excel at certain areas in game. Usually, these are the non-Legendary Pokemon with an excellent stat and are equipped with Event specific movesets. So, which Pokemon do you actually use Rare Candy on? That’s exactly what we are answering here, as we talk about five non-Legendary Pokemon which are worth the Rare candy in Pokemon Go and why they deserve a spot in our list!

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5. Swampert

Swampert Pokemon Go IrisGuardian

Swampert is a Pokemon which needs no introduction in Pokemon Go. Ever since it was released as a Community Day featured Pokemon with the exclusive charge move – Hydro Cannon, it became the best water type Pokemon in Pokemon Go (for a while). However, on the PvP side of things, it became quite clear that Hydro Cannon was quite unbalanced in Go Battle League, hence, Niantic decided to nerf it.

But even after the nerf, Swampert still continues to wreak havoc in almost all the three formats of Go Battle League. It’s one of the best Water Type, Great Battle League Pokemon, second only to Azumarill, and is the best Water Type, Ultra League Pokemon. Swampert also performs quite consitently but you might want to have a perfect IV Swampert with Hydro Cannon up your sleeve.

So, as it’s clearly visible, Swampert is definitely one of the best PvP Pokemon out there and once powered up, it can also be used as a PvE Pokemon and a respectable gym defender. Although, Swampert doesn’t boast an eye catching bulk stat, it’s certainly not a glass-cannon either. Adding to that is Hydro Cannon is only nerfed for PvP, this means it can give a tough fight to any attacker by spamming Hydro Cannon.

With this all-round performance and fire-power, Swampert deserves a spot in this list and definitely deserves Rare Candy if needed.

4. Rampardos

Rampardos Pokemon Go IrisGuardian

Rampardos might seem like an odd pick for a Pokemon to use Rare Candy on, but people often tend to forget that Pokemon Go is more than just PvP and Go Battle League. For trainers, who are more into raiding or wiping gyms, Rampardos is nothing short of a blessing for them. For people who are unaware of this rare Pokemon, Rampardos is a Rock Type beast in the game, with the highest Attack Stat and the highest DPS among Rock Types in game.

With the only limiting factor of a lower Defense Stat, Rampardos is a niche Pokemon like Blissey or Rayquaza. It can’t fill up a multiple different roles in your team but is phenomenally good at the one role it plays. With Smackdown and Rock Slide, Rampardos boasts a high DPS of 19.44, yes, even higher than Tyranitar. With this, Rampardos can take down the toughest of Gym Defenders and even the strongest of Raid Bosses. But to use Rampardos at it’s fullest, you’re once again required to power it up to it’s maximum potential. This is where Rare candy plays it’s role.

With the max CP of 3728, Rampardos is an unstoppable force in Pokemon Go and what’s even more interesting, is if you’re lucky you can even have multiple positive matchups in Master League. Due to it’s high Attack Stat and a high CP cap, Rampardos definitely deserve a spot on our list and the Rare Candies, especially if you take into the consideration of Cranidos being slightly rare.

3. Tyranitar

Tyranitar Pokemon Go IrisGuardian

Tyranitar is a kind of all in one, multirole Pokemon which can deliver some of the best results in any scenario. It’s a great Gym Defender, it’s an impressive PvE Attacker, and is also a great Master League Pokemon. What does it misses on? Also, it’s important to note that Tyranitar enjoys a very high ranking among both Rock and Dark Type Pokemon consistently, due to it’s well rounded overall stat and a very high CP cap.

Although it’s common to us that Dark Type Pokemon are usually glass-cannon with low Defense Stats and high Attack Stat, Tyranitar is somewhat different as it has a well rounded bulk stat, which makes it one of the best Dark Type PvP Pokemon. What’s also impressive is Tyranitar performs equally well from Rock Type perspective in PvP being only overshadowed by Rhyperior in the Master League. While on the PvE side of things Tyranitar is again a beast of a Pokemon but it falls short only to Rampardos while Raiding or attacking gyms.

Speaking of it’s role as a gym defender, it’s one of the most common gym defenders out there alongside Blissey, Slaking and Metagross. This is possible due to it’s excellent stats and a decent coverage of moveset. All of this combined together makes Tyranitar one of the best do-it-all Pokemon in game and this is why it deserves a spot on this list.

2. Snorlax

Snorlax Pokemon Go IrisGuardian

Snorlax is one of the fan favourite Gen 1 Pokemon with an insanely high Stamina Stat of 330 and a max CP of 3647. Unlike Blissey which has more of a one dimensional stat, with a Stamina Stat of 496, but with an Attack Stat of only 129, Snorlax has somewhat a balanced stat, which makes it an allrounder of a Pokemon. With a decent Attack Stat, average Defense Stat and an excellent Stamina Stat, you can use Snorlax for both PvP as well as gym defending.

From the PvP side of things, Snorlax performs consistently among Ultra and Master Leagues but it shines the best in Master League, dominating the charts. With Lick and Outrage + Body Slam, Snorlax easily dominates the likes of Giratina, Dialga and Metagross in the Master League and works as the perfect safe switch in almost any scenario. Talking about defending gym, Snorlax with Lick and Skull Bash is a force to be recon with! With Skull Bash giving STAB advantage to Snorlax as a gym defender by rising it’s Defense, Snorlax is a nightmare for gym attackers.

However, Snorlax is not a perfect Pokemon by any mean, this is because of it’s average Attack Stat which prevents it from being a good PvE Pokemon. This means Snorlax isn’t particularly good for attacking gyms or every other raid, it can definitely put on a show in Giratina Raid. With an excellent overall value Snorlax is better than most Pokemon which boasts similar bulk in a lot of ways, thus, it deserves a spot on our list.

1. Garchomp

Garchomp Pokemon Go IrisGuardian

Garchomp is a beast of a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is not only the best non-Legendary Dragon Type Pokemon, but also a respectable Ground Type Pokemon. Here, we could have chosen Dragonite for the list, but we decided to go with Garchomp for a few key reasons. The first and most obvious reason being, Garchomp has a higher CP which is not only useful in PvP, but also plays a great role in PvE or Gym Attacking/Defending. Second thing is, Garchomp doesn’t have to rely only on it’s Dragon Type moves, as it’s well equipped with some of the best Ground Type moves.

Here, it’s important to note that Garchomp tops the chart of Premiere League (Master) and is an excellent PvP Pokemon. With Dragon Tail and Outrage + Sand Tomb/Earthquake, it can do wonders in both Master League and Premiere Cup, dominating many Pokemon including Steel and Dragon Type Pokemon. Although, Garchomp isn’t just as bulky as Snorlax, it more than makes up for it with it’s excellent attack stat and a very decent Stamina Stat. While attacking gyms, Garchomp can threaten any Pokemon by spamming Sand Tomb and weakening the defender’s Defense and can then go for the hard hitting Outrage.

The same can be said for Raids but it’s advisable to have Dragon Tail and Outrage + Earthquake for PvE focused Garchomp. Overall, Garchomp is definitely one of those Pokemon which deserve Rare Candy, because of it’s overall worth and it’s rarity.

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