Pokemon Go trainers all around the world are getting another chance of encountering the Psychic and Flying-type legendary, Lugia. Yes, Lugia is returning to the Five-star raid battles in the Animation Week event from November 6th. With Lugia getting it’s signature move Aeroblast and the potential of being shiny, it is truly anticipated by most trainers; but at the same time difficult to beat. So, here is the complete raid guide which will help you be prepared to capture Lugia with its signature move.


Aeroblast Lugia Raid Date & Time

Lugia will be available to challenge in Five-star raids starting Thursday, November 6th at 1p.m. PST, till Monday, November 16. Therefore you have an eleven-hour window to catch as many as you can.

Pokemon Go Raid battles do not follow any schedule; you will have to wait for the notification from a nearby gym. We advise you to keep an eye on Niantic’s weekly raid hour which occurs on every Wednesday evening, from 6p.m. to 7p.m. local time. For Lugia there will be only one raid hour before the Five-star raid boss changes, so do not miss this at any cost.

Aeroblast Lugia Raid Counters

Rock, Ghost, Dark, Electric and Ice-type attacks deal double damage to Lugia because of its dual Flying and Psychic typing. But you should remember Lugia is capable of dealing Psychic, Flying, Dragon and Water-type damage, so make sure to choose your team accordingly. Also, you should go for heavy hitters i.e. ones with high attack stats, for Lugia has a huge stamina of 235 and defence of 310, making it capable of taking and enduring damage even from its counters.

Below are the list of best counters for Lugia (Note: The CP mentioned below are for 100IVs)

Normal Pokemon

If you do not have any mega evolutions or shadow Pokemon, you needn’t worry, for if you have the right movesets, you will still be able to beat Lugia as a raid boss. Below are the best Pokemon to consider while battling Lugia:

CP: 3750
Time to win: 990.3s
Recommended Movesets: Charge Beam (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

CP: 3472
Time to win: 1028.7s
Recommended Movesets: Snarl (fast) and Shadow Ball (charged)

Giratina Origin
CP: 3420
Time to win: 1053.8s
Recommended Movesets: Shadow Claw (fast) and Shadow Ball (charged)

CP: 3467
Time to win: 1078.3s
Recommended Movesets: Smack Down (fast) and Rock Wrecker (charged)

CP: 3205
Time to win: 1093.4s
Recommended Movesets: Volt Switch (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

CP: 2790
Time to win: 1082.2s
Recommended Movesets: Snarl (fast) and Avalanche (charged)

CP: 2976
Time to win: 1108.4s
Recommended Movesets: Spark (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

CP: 2859
Time to win: 1088.1s
Recommended Movesets: Thunder Shock (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

CP: 3062
Time to win: 1054.1s
Recommended Movesets: Smack Down (fast) and Rock Slide (charged)

CP: 3035
Time to win: 1068.6s
Recommended Movesets: Hex (fast) and Shadow Ball (charged)

Shadow Pokemon

Shadow Pokemons are known for their high attack stats (20% increase) and better IVs. Also, the Shadow Pokemon bonus in raids is x1.2, which means if your Pokemon is maxed out, it can potentially outperform it’s original form. Therefore, if you have any shadow Pokemon, make sure you include them in your team.

Shadow Raikou
CP: 3205
Time to win: 916.5s
Recommended Moveset: Thunder shock (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

Shadow Electivire
CP: 2859
Time to win: 897.1s
Recommended Movesets: Thunder shock (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

Shadow Magnezone
CP: 2976
Time to win: 935.6s
Recommended Movesets: Spark (fast) and Wild Charge (charged)

Shadow Weavile
CP: 2790
Time to win: 915.3s
Recommended Movesets: Snarl (fast) and Avalanche (charged)

Shadow Zapdos
CP: 3275
Time to win: 942.3s
Recommended Movesets: Thunder Shock (fast) and Thunderbolt (charged)

Shadow Tyranitar
CP: 3561
Time to win: 993.7s
Recommended Movesets: Smack Down (fast) and Crunch (charged)

Shadow Mewtwo
CP: 3880
Time to win: 983.6s
Recommended Movesets: Psycho Cut (fast) and Shadow Ball (charged)

Mega Pokemon

Mega evolutions are no doubt costly to evolve, and hard to get, but they are totally worth the effort. When used in raid battles, mega Pokemon boosts the stats of all the other Pokemon in the battle, while providing an additional boost to Pokemon using the same type attacks. This makes them really useful in the raids and increases the chance of taking down the most powerful raid bosses.

Mega Gengar
CP: 4026
Time to win: 830.8s
Recommended Movesets: Lick (fast) and Shadow Ball (charged)

Mega Houndoom
CP: 3568
Time to win: 961.4s
Recommended Movesets: Snarl (fast) and Foul Play (charged)

Number of Trainers Required to Defeat Lugia

Lugia can be easily be beaten by a lobby of 5 or more Level 40 Trainers, with exact counter Pokemon, which are equipped with proper movesets.

Lugia in Pokemon Go

Lugia is said to be the master of the sea, and the tri master of the legendary birds Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres. A single flap of its wings can blow off houses, and therefore it isolates itself into the bottom of the oceans, to refrain from doing any unwanted harm. Extremely powerful, Lugia is truly the worthy mascot of Pokemon Silver.

In Pokemon Go, Lugia is a Psychic and Flying-type Pokemon which made its first appearance in 2017, and has been a fan-favorite ever since. It is one of the best legendaries in the game, and with the addition of its exclusive move Aeroblast, it is something which you would not want to miss at any cost for your team, be it PvE or PvP.

Lugia Stats in Pokemon Go

Lugia is boosted by Windy weather, and needs almost a full lobby to counter if you’re a low level Trainer. It cannot be soloed at any cost, and is quite different to take down if you do not have a proper team and movesets.

Lugia Raid Boss Stats
Raid Boss CP45925
Catch CP lvl 202028 – 2115
Boosted Catch CP lvl 252535 – 2645

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Lugia Pokemon Base Stats
Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Lugia Raid Boss Movesets

These are the possible movesets, which the Raid Boss might be using. However, Trainers will be able to obtain Lugia with it’s exclusive Charge Move Aeroblast!

Fast MovesCharged Moves
Dragon TailSky Attack
Hydro Pump

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Weather Influence On Lugia Raid

Pokemon are greatly influenced by weather, and if the weather is favourable, you not only get more stardust, but your Pokemon will also have a higher CP and better IV. Although it is pure luck to get the desired weather during the desired raid, if you happen to have the right weather, you should never miss that opportunity.

Partly CloudyBoosts all Rock Type movesets
RainyBoosts all Super Effective Eelectric Type movesetsBoosts Lugia’s Hydro Pump
WindyBoosted Lugia encounterBoosts all of Lugia’s movesets
FogBoosts all Dark Type movesets

Now coming back to Lugia, being a Flying and Psychic-type Pokemon, it is boosted by Windy weather. When weather boosted, it will have a higher CP as well as increased chances of getting a 100IV. However, if you are going for a shiny, try raiding in Rainy, Foggy or Partly Cloudy weather, for shinies are most favorable in these weather conditions.

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