Choosing a best Pokemon is always a subjective term- some Pokemon can be Top-tier attackers, while others can be excellent Gym defenders. And even then, they might not fare well in PvP. Pokemon Go is all about balancing all of these, and this is how we have selected our list here. Out of the hundreds of available options for each type, we went for the ones with the best stats, but also containing a good movepool and a decent coverage against other type. Although majority of the time, players will want to gravitate towards the Legendries, they might not have enough resources (Candies or StarDust) to max them out. Therefore, here is a list of the best Non-Legendary which can take their place and even offer a tough competition to them.

Note: We haven’t included any shadow Pokemon or Mega Evolutions in this list.


Best Fire Type: Blaziken

Blaziken Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Flying, Ground, Water, Psychic
  • Resistances: Steel, Grass, Ice, Dark, Fire, Bug
  • Moveset: Fire Spin, Blast Burn

Starters are usually the most iconic Pokemon when we talk about non-legendaries. While the question of best Fire-type might spark up the image of Charizard in your mind, the Gen III Blaziken actually surpasses it by a huge margin. The addition of Blast Burn to its movepool has given it a significant boost in it’s place in the meta. Add a second move and you will have a beast that tops the DPS charts.

A dual Fire and Fighting-type, Blaziken is resistant to Fairy-type moves- the major foe of all Fighting types. This means it can also work well in adverse match-ups as well as in Blissey encounters. Even though Blaziken has a high DPS, it’s low Defence requires it to be shielded. Blast Burn along with Blaze kick are the moves to go for. Blaze Kick is especially useful in shield baiting, and you can hit next with the more powerful Blast Burn for an offensive gameplay. Blaziken works the best in the Great and Ultra League, for a lower max CP of just 3219 and lower stats make it imcompetent in the Master.

In the PvE scenario, Blaziken can perform well with a bit of dodging. Even though it is overshadowed by other Fighting-types, once Mega Blaziken arrives in the game, it is set to have the highest DPS. Therefore, we recommend having a Blaziken in your team for it’ll be an absolute beast in the mega form.

Best Water Type: Swampert

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Grass
  • Resistances: Electric, Steel, Rock, Poison, Fire
  • Moveset: Water Gun, Hydro Cannon

Swampert easily tops the list of Water-type Pokemon with it’s huge Attack and Defense stats. A dual Ground and Water-type Pokemon, Swampert is not only a top-tier Attacker, but also a decent Defender. With it’s typing, it can actuall resist the Electric-type moves, making it vulnerable to only Grass-type attacks. With Hydro Cannon, it has the potential to surpass even Kyogre.

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Water gun is the ideal Fast attack you should choose, because of it’s higher damage. Mud shot is also a good alternative, because of it’s high energy generation. When it comes to Charged moves, Hydro Cannon is the move that allows it to reign supreme. For secondary move, Earthquake offers it coverage against Steel-types, while Sludge Bomb can take down Fairy-types with ease. Swampert works wonders in both Great as well as the Ultra League. With it’s bulk, it can even tie or beat Giratina Altered Forme in a no shield scenario. However, Swampert’s relatively lower CP makes it less frightful in the Master League.

Hydro Cannon is the move that makes Swampert a beast even in PvE scenarios. Anything other than Grass types can be countered by Swampert. As a Gym defender, however, Swampert lacks the required bulk to compete with the likes of Slaking and Blissey.

Best Grass Type: Venusaur

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
  • Resistances: Fighting, Water, Electric, Fairy, Grass
  • Moveset: Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant

Venusaur is a Grass-type that is often neglected because it’s a tad bit slower than the other Grass-types. However, with it’s balanced stats, it proves to be even better than the two other Kanto starters, who see more preference. Venusaur’s typing provides a decent coverage as well as double resistance to Grass types. It might not be the best attacker or defender known, but overall, it proves to be the most reliable Grass-type currently available in Pokemon Go.

The addition of Venusaur’s Community Day move ‘Frenzy Plant’ has spiked up it’s place in the meta. With a praiseworthy defence, it can easily take hits in PvP, while dealing a good amount of damage to it’s opponents. Venusaur can perform remarkably well even in neutral match-ups, with it’s high energy generating Fast move Vine Whip. It beats Meganium, Sceptile and Victreebel, as well as other popular choices (including Swampert) with ease. Razor Leaf is another great alternative, for it deals offensive damage. However, it’s low energy generation makes it somewhat less useful. Venusaur however fails to charm the players with it’s considerable low stats in the Master League. With a max CP of only 2720, it can only do as much. It can still be get you a close win, with one shiled remaiing, and the opponent’s shields down.

Venusaur is much better as an Attacker than a Defender. This is mainly because Grass is resisted by 7 types, and the addition of Poison typing makes it especially vulnerable to the Psychic-type attackers. It can still work as an excellent Attacker with Razor Leaf and Frenzy Plant. Not to mention Mega Venusaur wreaks absolute havoc in PvE.

Best Electric Type: Magnezone

Magnezone Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Ground, Fighting, Fire
  • Resistances: Steel, Electric, Flying, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock
  • Moveset: Spark, Wild Charge

Magnezone has the best typing any Pokemon can get. The Steel and Electric typing makes it resistant to 12 other types- making it the Pokemon with the highest number of resistances. Match it with an Attack of 238, and you get a Pokemon which is a literal tank. Magnezone, however, lacks any legacy movesets, and it’s slow moves make it somewhat less popular amongst the players. However, like we said, the slow moves are overshadowed by it’s absurd number of resistances.

With it’s impressive stats, you can always rely on Magnezone to be a great starter. It can not only bait the opponent’s shields with Mirror Shot, but can easily take hits, thus saving your shields at the same time. While it can perform extremely well in suitable match-ups, it loses to the popular meta in the Ultra League. It’s sluggish movesets make it a bit less useful in the great, while it’s low max CP limits it in the Master League. However, do not get disheartened here for Magnezone is one of the most reliable Attacker as well as Closer, and can offer you wins in most situations, even with shileds down. Spark and Wild Charge are the best movesets for Magnezone, but you can also add Mirror shot as an extra Charged Move. This low energy Charged move not only baits the opponent’s shields, but also gives a dubuff to their Attack.

Magnezone proves to be much more impressive when it comes to PvE. The secret lies not only in it’s impressive stats, but also in it’s resistances. You can have easy wins in any match-ups which aren’t it’s weaknesses. The resistance to Ice and Dragon types is another great advantage, for these are the most common types which players encounter.

Best Dragon Type: Garchomp

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Ice, Fairy, Dragon
  • Resistances: Rock, Poison, Fire, Electric
  • Moveset: Dragon Tail, Outrage

One of the most feared yet the most sought Pokemon, Garchomp is an absolute beast. The dual Dragon and Ground-typing allows it coverage against a number of other types, and the humungous HP of 239 makes it a tanky beast. It’s typing makes it super effective against 5 types (the maximum in game), and is resisted by only 2 types- Dragon and fairy. It’s typing, it’s movesets and it’s stats allows it to reign supreme as the best pseudo Legendary Pokemon in any Pokemon game, including Pokemon Go.

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Garchomp is not only an offensive Attacker, but also a great Closer. It knows how to take hits, and can hit even harder. In no shield scenario, it can almost always guarantee a win unless it’s faced by it’s 3 weaknesses. Even then, Grachomp has the potential to win against some of the other Dragon-types. Garchomp however, cannot perform well in the Great League, mainly because of the lower CP cap and availability of Pokemon with with better stats and moves for the League. That being said, Garchomp again proves it’s dominance in the Ultra League, and truly shines in the Master. With the fastest access to Outrage in game, Garchomp can take down almost all unshileded opponents. Mud shot is a fast energy generating moveset. However, going with Dragon Tail will allow you to deal an offensive amount of damage. Combine that with Outrage and Sand Tomb, and you get a tank which is very difficult to beat.

For PvE, Grachomp excels as a Ground-type attacker, while also proves to be a wonderful Dragon-type Pokemon. Be it raid or Gym sweeps, the crazy high stats as well as a high CP allows Garchomp to be one of the best in game.

Best Poison Type: Roserade

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic
  • Resistances: Fire, Water, Electric, Fairy, Grass
  • Moveset: Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb

Grass types suffer a major threat from Poison, and what makes Roselia especially useful is it’s dual Grass and Poison typing. While Poison is not very viable in the meta, Roselia still tops the meta as the best non-mega Poison-type attacker. It has an extremely high attack stat, along with a decent bulk. With a decent Poison-type movepool, Roselia proves to be an excellent Poison-type attacker. Even though there are other Grass-types which perform better, Roserade performs the best as a Poison-type player.

Poison Jab is a decent energy generating Fast move, which when paired with Sludge Bomb, offers STAB benefit. It not only double resists Grass types, but also hits back with super effective moves. Roserade performs the best in the Ultra League, for Poison-type is not very useful in the Master League. You can encounter some bulky Grass-types in the Great League, which again, renders Roserade less useful. For PvE, Roserade is quite a viable option with suitable options. It however, fails as a Defender, due to it’s low HP.

Best Ice Type: Mamoswine

Mamoswine Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Grass, Water, Steel
  • Resistances: Poison, Electric
  • Moveset: Powder Snow, Avalanche

Mamoswine is the Ice-type that is the ultimate answer to all the big Dragon threats out there. It’s stats not only allows it to deal offensive damage to it’s opponents, but also allows it to withstand a hit with ease. It’s typing allows it to deal super-effective damage to 9 types, thus offering a huge coverage. With a high power generating moveset, Powder snow and Avalanche, it gets one of the most efficient movepool for PvP.

Bulk and Stamina matters more in the Great League. And this is why Piloswine can easily outperform Mamoswine in this League. However, Mamoswine shows it’s usefulness in the Ultra and Master league, where Dragon types are greatly common. In the Ultra League, Mamoswine is actually the best counter to all of the Dragon-types- be it Dragonite, Rayquaza or Garchomp. It is equally useful in PvE as well, owing to it’s great stats and excellent Ice-type moves.

Best Ground Type: Mamoswine

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Grass, Water, Steel
  • Resistances: Poison, Electric
  • Moveset: Mud Slap, Avalanche / Earthquake

As a Ground-type attacker, Mamoswine again performs exceptionally well. With Mud Slap and Bulldoze, it can generate a high DPS, while it’s high HP allows it to take damage easily. With 9 resistances, and 9 types which take super-effective damage from it, Mamoswine is easily the most handy and reliable Pokemon. Like mentioned above, Mamoswine is not that useful in the Great League, and somewhat less useful in the Ultra League, because of the availability of other Pokemon with higher bulk, it is a true beast in the Master, where Attack matters more. It’s Ground type moves allows it coverage against the likes of Metagross and Ho-Oh, while an additional charged move can take care of those Dragons. As for PvE, Mamoswine’s high Attack as well as bulk allows it to perform exceptionally well even in neutral match-ups.

Best Rock Type: Rhyperior

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Water, Grass, Ground, Ice, Steel, Fighting
  • Resistances: Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Electric, Poison
  • Moveset: Smack Down, Rock Wrecker

Rhyperior can perform as a decent Ground-type attacker; but it works as an excellent Rock-type Pokemon. While Rampardos is infamous for being theRock-type with maximum DPS, Rhyperior is close enough with an Attack of 241. It’s huge bulk aloolws it to actualy perform better than Rampardos in a no shield scenario. The dual Ground and Rock typing allows it to doubly resist Electric types- something that other top tier Rock type attackers do not have.

Rhyperior recently received it’s Community Day move Rock Wrecker. This has spiked up it’s position in the meta, allowing it to become the second best Rock-type attacker after Rampardos. However, when we talk about PvP and PvE combined, Rhyperior’s superior stats easily makes it the best Rock-type in the game. While the slower speed hold it down in the Great League, it is much more valuable in the Ultra. A maxed out Rhyperior is also able to make a nice niche in the Master League and can be pretty offensive with Smack Down (the strongest Rock-type move). Adding Surf allows it to have additional coverage, while Superpower is another great choice.

While Rhyperior clearly performs the best in PvP, it is also a great Pokemon to use in Raids. It can deal a high amount of damage, even in neutral match-ups. It’s high bulk also makes it a praiseworthy Defender.