Best Steel Type: Metagross

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Dark, Ground, Ghost
  • Resistances: Dragon, Ice, Normal, Grass, Steel, Rock, Flying, Fairy, Psychic, Poison
  • Moveset: Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash

Metagross boasts of a superior stats than most other Pokemon. Earlier overshadowed by other Steel-types due to the lack of a good movepool, the addition of Meteor Mash has spiked up it’s place in the meta, all the way up to the top. It can perform well as an Attacker, Defender or a Closer- making it one of the best generalist in the game. Meteor Mash is a Steel-type move that outperforms every other Steel-type move currently available in the game.

Metagross’ high Attack stat makes it a bad choice for the Great League, and is somewhat underwhelmed in the Ultra League too. However, the great stats show their importance in the Master League, where Metagross is proves it’s dominance as a steong Steel-type Attacker. It’s great Attack as well as Defence allows it to hit hard, while taking hits with ease. Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash are the movesets you should go for. Having Earthquake offers additional coverage. It however is a high energy requiring move, and takes a whooping 9 seconds to charge.

The stats allows the bulky Metagross to perform well even in PvE. It can not only be used in Raids, but is also a reliable Gym Defender. Only four Pokemon in the Meta can reisist Metagross, out of which three are rarely seen. This gives Metagross additional advantage in PvE.

Best Psychic Type: Metagross

Metagross Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Dark, Ground, Ghost
  • Resistances: Dragon, Ice, Normal, Grass, Steel, Rock, Flying, Fairy, Psychic, Poison
  • Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Psychic

Many would claim the best non-legendary Psychic type to be Espeon. When it comes to just attack, it is true. However, the stats of Espeon does not allow it to perform well unshielded, or in neutral match-ups. Metagross suffers no such disadvantage. It not only has an incredibly high Attack, but equally high Defence and Stamina as well. Psychic is a cheaper move than Meteor Mash, and can handle those Pokemon which resist Steel-type attacks. With Zen Headbutt, Psychic as well as Meteor Mash, Metagross not only can be very offensive in PvP, but also threatening in PvE with great damage output.

Best Flying Type: Dragonite

Dragonite Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Ice, Rock, Dragon, Fairy
  • Resistances: Grass, Bug, Ground, Fighting, Fire, Water
  • Moveset: Dragon Tail, Hurricane

Dragonite is hands down one of the best non-legendary Pokemon in the game. With the access to the strongest movesets, as well as it’s incredible bulk, Dragonite can be quite intimidating to it’s foes. Even with limited Flying-type moves, Dragonite can hit hard whatever is in front of it, including it’s resistances. In a no-shield scenario, it even manages to do neutral damage to Togekiss (known to be the dtrongest Dragonite counters in the game) with Hurricane.

In the Great League there is a better option for a dual Dragon and Flying-type attacker- Altaria. The higher attack stat of Dragonite forbids it to perform well. It performs much better in the Ultra League, especially in the Premier Cup. Dragonite has access to Dragon Breath- one of the most powerful Dragon-type Fast move, as well as huge energy generating Dragon tail. Hurricane might take a bit long to charge, but when it hits, deals at least neutral damage to the opponents. With no CP restriction in the Master League, Dragonite truly shines as not only a great Dragon-type generalist, but also as the best Flying-type Pokemon till date. Even in the Raids scenario, Dragonite is quite reliable, especially because of it’s bulk and high Attack. It however loses motivation quickly while defending Gyms.

Best Bug Type: Scizor

Scizor Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fire
  • Resistances: Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Normal, Bug, Steel, Fairy, Grass, Poison
  • Moveset: Fury Cutter, X-Scissor

Bug types are generally considered to be the weakest in game, while Steel is considered to be one of the strongest. With both of these types in one, Scizor is an interesting Pokemon to analyze. It has loads of resistances, and access to a strong movepool. Combine that with amazing stats, and what you have is a formidable foe in front of you. While Pinsir has a better DPS, it fails to perform well in real scenarios due to it’s weak typing and a number of weaknesses.

Fury Cutter is the premium Bug-type Fast move which generates a lot of energy. It pairs up with X-Scissor very well, and takes only 35 energy to charge it. Night Slash is another great move which can help you bait shields equally fast. However, the lack of bulk forces it to lose in neutral match-ups. Scizor is very useful in the Great and Ultra League, for it not only puts in shield pressure, but also resists many of the Pokemon common in the meta. However, the lower Defence and Stamina restrains Scizor to perform well in the Great League, while the lower CP cap restrains it in the Master. This means Scizor is at it’s best in the Ultra League. It can still be used as an offensive Attacker in the Great League, as long as it is shielded.

In Raids, Scizor’s extremely fast Charged movesets allow it to constantly deal damage to the likes of Psychic, Dark and Grass-types. It’s Steel-typing gives it a number of resistances, thus allowing it to be an equally good Gym Defender.

Best Fairy Type: Togekiss

Togekiss Pokemon Go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Steel, Ice, Poison, Rock, Electric
  • Resistances: Grass, Dark, Fighting, Bug, Ground, Ghost
  • Moveset: Charm, Dazzling Gleam

Togekiss is the answer to all the Dragons out there in the game. With the addition of Charm in it’s movepool, Togekiss finally has become the formidable Fairy-type it was expected to be. When shielded, Togekiss can take down the most threatening Dragons (including Giratina both forms and Dialga) as well as Ground types. Therefore, Togekiss can act as one of the best Lead in game. Charm is the most powerful Fairy-type move, which can take up more than half the HP of it’s opponents even before it’s charged attack. The great bulk of Togekiss takes care of the rest, and can even take a few hits, unlike the second most popular fairy-type Gardevoir.

As a Fairy and Flying-type with a high attack stat, Togekiss is quite vulnerable in the Great League. With Dragons considerably rare in this league, there’s only so much that Charm can do, for it generates considerably low energy. Common Steel types such as Skarmory also pose a major threat to Togekiss. However, we see Togekiss’ real potential in the Ultra and the Master League, where Dragons types are very common. While it cannnot guarantee a win against neutral match-ups, it is still a great choice owing to it’s great Attack as well as bulk. However, in the Master League, Togekiss unleashes it’s true potential. Owing to the fact that Dragons are the most common types, Togekiss can earn easy wins here. Just keep it away from Steel-types, and you have a Charming beast that can win against the most threatening Dragon-types.

On the PvE side, Togekiss performs equally well owing to it’s decent bulk and praiseworthy Attack. It only has Steel-types such as Metagross to fear.

Best Ghost Type: Chandelure

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Dark, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Water
  • Resistances: Fairy, Ice, fire, Grass, Steel, Poison, Fighting, Bug, Normal
  • Moveset: Hex, Shadow Ball

With superior stats than any other Ghost types, including Gengar, and the access to a great movepool, Chandelure comes out as a great Ghost-type Pokemon. While it not quite useful as a Lead, it shines more as a generalist. This is mainly due to Ghost being super-effective against itself. While Gengar has a slight advantage due to it’s access to Shadow Claw, the move cannot be learnt anymore (currently). without Shadow Claw, Gengar is quite weak owing to it’s inferior stats, thus making Chandelure better.

Hex is the only Ghost-type move that can be learnt by Chandelure. However, the Legendary-tier Attack stat of Chandelure allows it to perform quite well. The cumbersome movesets forces it to lag behind a bit in the Great League, but is pretty useful in the Ultra. Energy Ball as an additional Charged move covers most of Chandelure’s weaknesses, and thus is recommended. It lacks the stats and CP to compete in the Master League, where Giratina Origin reigns supreme. On the PvE side of things, Chandelure can be a great gym sweeper as well as Attacker. It however, does not perform well as a Defender.

Best Fighting Type: Lucario

Lucario Pokemon go Irisguardian
Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fairy, Fire, Ground
  • Resistances: Bug, Rock, Dark, Dragon, Grass, Ice, Normal, Steel
  • Moveset: Counter, Aura Sphere / Dynamic Punch

Combine good stats with excellent typing suitable for Offensive as well as Defensive gameplay and you get Lucario. The Steel typing allows Lucario to have a number of resistances; while it’s Fighting type makes it an offensive beast. Thanks to the addition of Aura Sphere, Lucario has moved up in the meta, all the way to the top, and now sits as the best non-shadow Fighting type in game.

With Counter as it’s fast move, Lucario has the best Fighting-type Fast move in Pokemon Go. It also has the access to Dynamic Punch, which gives it an Attack boost. However, Dynamic Punch is more suitable in PvP owing to it’s lesser energy requirement. It works as an excellent lead, and can do wonders when shielded. While Lucario’s lower Defense hold it back in the Great League, it is a meta defining threat in the Ultra League. It can even take down Dialga if encounered in the Ultra, while the access to Shadow Ball gives it additional coverage. Lucario, however fails to impress in the master League owing to it’s lower bulk. Talking about PvE, Lucario can act as a solid Attacker, but not as a Defender. Also, since Mega Lucario is on it’s way, we recommend you to be ready with one.

Best Dark Type: Hydreigon

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fairy, Bug, Ice, Fighting, Dragon
  • Resistances: Ghost, Water, Grass, Electric, Dark, Fire, Psychic
  • Moveset: Bite, Dark Pulse

While Hydreigon faces a lot of competition as a Dragon-type attacker, it is one of the best Dark types in game. falling behind only the Mythical Darkrai, this pseudo legendary beast poses a major threat to it’s opponents. The only thing that holds back Hydreigon from being better than Darkrai is lack of a good moveset; let alone a signature move. However, it still beats Tyranitar as a Dark-type attacker, while also having lesser weaknesses.

While Hydreigon cannot be the best Attacker, it still acts as a Great dark-type generalist. and Dark Pulse hit hard with STAB, and its bulk allows it to stay in the game longer than others. The pseudo legendary Attack stat means Hydreigon is somewhat useless in the Great League. It, however, is a great choice for the Ultra as well as the Master League, where the likes of Metagross, Mewtwo or Espeon are common. For PvE, Hydregion might not perform well as a Dragon-type attacker, but can be a solid pick for a dark-type. It also has a more than decent bulk, allowing it to be a great Defender as well.

Best Normal Type: Snorlax

Max CPAttackDefenceHP
  • Weaknesses: Fighting
  • Resistances: Ghost
  • Moveset: Lick, Skull Bash

Snorlax is one of the fan favourite Gen 1 Pokemon with an insanely high Stamina Stat of 330 and a max CP of 3647. Unlike Blissey which has more of a one dimensional stat, with a Stamina Stat of 496, but with an Attack Stat of only 129, Snorlax has somewhat a balanced stat, which makes it an allrounder of a Pokemon. With a decent Attack Stat, average Defense Stat and an excellent Stamina Stat, you can use Snorlax for both PvP as well as gym defending.

From the PvP side of things, Snorlax performs consistently among Ultra and Master Leagues but it shines the best in Master League, dominating the charts. Lick and Body Slam are some of the best Normal-type moves Snorlax can get; adding Outrage also allows it take down major threats such as Giratina- while being unshielded. Talking about defending gym, Snorlax with Lick and Skull Bash is a force to be recon with! With Skull Bash giving STAB advantage to Snorlax as a gym defender by rising it’s Defense, Snorlax is a nightmare for gym attackers.

However, Snorlax is not a perfect Pokemon by any mean, this is because of it’s average Attack Stat which prevents it from being a good PvE Pokemon. This means Snorlax isn’t particularly good for attacking gyms or every other raid, it can definitely put on a show in Giratina Raid. With an excellent overall value Snorlax is better than most Pokemon which boasts similar bulk.