The Go Battle League is in full swing as of July 2020, providing trainers an opportunity to show off their in-game skills along with their baddest Pokemons. It adds fast-paced gameplay to an already fun to play AR adventure game which keeps things fresh. The global match-making system, Go Battle League, is divided into 3 different categories. This article is all about the big boys league, the Master League.

Master League is the highest tier available in the Go Battle League, with no CP limit. This league demands more focus on various factors, like typing, HP and move-sets and most importantly IVs. Knowing your team’s strength, weakness, and resistance is extremely important so that you can build a team which covers each- other’s weaknesses.

You’re likely to encounter strong Legendaries, Pseudo-Legendaries and rare Mythics such as Giratina, Dialgala, Garchomp or Darkrai. There is no guaranteed strategy to win in the Master League, but there are some very powerful and useful Pokémons which can make up a pretty strong team. So let’s have a look at the best Pokémons for Master League.

10. Dragonite

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Dragon, Flying
  • Weaknesses: Dragon, Ice, Rock, Fairy
  • Max CP: 3792

Dragonite is a pure Dragon type attacker with probably the best possible movesets for PvP. It also has one of the highest CP caps in the game, and completely wrecks Ground types. With the right selection of moves, it can be the best counter for Swampert and Groudon.

Having only Dragon-type moves leaves Dragonite extremely vulnerable to potential Ice and Fairy-types. So, if you manage to fend off these opponents with other members of your team, Dragonite can be very useful and can be quite offensive. Not many types are resistant to Dragon, if not weak. The recommended fast move would be Dragon Breath because Dragon Tail has a cool-down of 1.1 seconds, which is less practical in PvP. For charged move, Draco meteor is definitely a good option, because of its massive damage of 150. Although this is event exclusive, so if you don’t have this, go for outrage, which is a good dragon type move with a damage of 110, and a DPS of 33.8 and can be used as a finishing move.

Thus, with its decent stats and versatile movesets, Dragonite can be one of the prime shield killers and is definitely worth using.

9. Garchomp

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Dragon, Ground
  • Weaknesses: Dragon, Ice, Fairy
  • Max CP: 3962

One of the rarest non-legendary, Garchomp is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon that can be used as your main attacker or finisher, because of its perfect movesets. Being a Dragon-type makes it effective against other Dragon-types; and it’s ground-typing makes it strong against multiple, like Poison, Fire, Rock, Electric. You can say almost anything that doesn’t hit Garchomp with Ice-type moves is vulnerable to it. Owing to its brute strength and perfect typing, you can use Garchomp in the Master League for offensive play.

Garchomp has two fast moves- Dragon Tail(DPS 16.4) and Mud Shot(DPS 10). Even though Dragon Tail might seem impressive, you should definitely go for Mud Shot because it has huge energy gain. It is very crucial owing to the high energy need of Earthquake and Outrage. Both these moves are expensive, but extremely high powered, and can defeat almost anything when the opponent’s shields are down, making Garchomp one of the best closers in the game.

Being a Dragon and Ground-type makes it vulnerable to Ice, Fairy and Dragon, and you should consider adding a Metagross in your team, as it is strong against all of its weaknesses. If used correctly, it can prove to be a complete beast and can beat almost anything without a shield.

8. Kyogre

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Water
  • Weaknesses: Electric, Grass
  • Max CP: 4115

Although a common legendary, Kyogre is not to be underestimated. It stands out for its raw strength and bulk alone which makes it the strongest water type in the game. With amazing stats across the board and powerful movesets, it is one of the best leads in the Master League.

Being a water-type, Kyogre is weak against Grass and Electric-types, but a little careful play and proper use of shields can help you get past it. Waterfall is definitely the fast move you should be going for. It deals a massive damage of 20, and when paired with Surf as a charged move, it deals a double stab to your opponents, especially to the likes of Snorlax, Heatran and Togekiss. Surf is mandatory because of its low energy cost and a respectable DPE(Damage per energy) of 1.63.

If you can manage another charge move, you should definitely go for Blizzard. Being an ice-type attack, it sure will be a valuable coverage over the Grass and popular Dragon-types, but make sure your opponent’s shields are over before using it. Thunder is an alternative as it costs the least and provides coverage against Water and Flying-types.

7. Melmetal

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Steel
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Fighting, Ground
  • Max CP: 3599

The main motive of the steel types in Master League is to counter Togekiss, the strongest fairy-type attacker. And currently, Melmetal is the strongest Dialga counter in the game. Owing to the fact that you have to first complete Meltan’s special research and then get 400 candies to evolve it, Melmetal is quite rare in the game and you can use it as an advantage.

Presently, Melmetal has a single fast move-Thunder, which is good, as you can cause quick damage to any type that doesn’t resist it. Also, it generates energy pretty quickly. While you can go with Rock Slide as your charged move (which costs only 45 energy), you can have Superpower, a fighting type move, as your other charged move as a surprise element for other steel types. But if you can’t manage two charge moves at once, you shouldn’t go for Superpower alone, as it gives a debuff to the attack stat owing to its significant energy requirement. Alternatively you can use thundershock to implement extra electric-type damage.

It is understandable that Melmetal won’t be your first choice if you have a Dialga, but it’s access to electric and fighting-type moves can give you an advantage.

6. Metagross

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Steel, Psychic
  • Weaknesses: Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ground

When we talk about Metagross we are talking about arguably one of the best non-legendary Pokemons out there. It’s one of the most well rounded Pokemons and with a lot of bulk and sheer strength. Moreover, it’s Steel and Psychic typing makes it resistant to almost 10 different typings. This alone can be considered it’s one of the most desirable attributes and makes it a perfect choice for Master League.

Talking about it’s position in the meta, Metagross gets it’s key wins against the likes of Togekiss, Mewtwo, Dialga, Dragonite and Palkia. The most important thing to note here is, Metagross resists each and every counter of Dragon Type Pokemons. So if you’re using Dragon types don’t forget to couple them up with Metagross. Now, talking about it’s worst match-ups, Metagross losses out to Giratina and most other dark type Pokemons. Whatever the case may be, one can’t deny that Metagross is one of the most preferred Pokemon for Master League.

Talking about it’s ideal moveset, Metagross only has two different Fast Moves, including Bullet Punch and Zen Headbutt. You should be using Bullet Punch as not only does it have higher energy gains but is also more effective against a variety of meta. Coming to the charge moves, you should always look forward to have Meteor Mash and Earthquake as charge moves.

5. Togekiss

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Fairy, Flying
  • Weaknesses: Ice, Rock, Poison, Steel, Electric
  • Max CP: 3332

You might question what a Togekiss with a max CP of only 3332 can do. It’s not the strength that matters, but it’s resistance. Togekiss has four double resistances- bug, dragon, fighting and ground. And owing to the fact that Dragon types make up most of the teams in the Master League, it can be of a huge advantage for you.

Togekiss is an excellent choice against Giratina, Garchomp or Dialga, thanks to its double Dragon-type resistance. It has the most well-rounded stats of all currently available fairy types, and with the addition to Charm as it’s fairy-type fast move, it serves as a great lead.

Togekiss’ fast move Charm is a must have, as it is has a huge base power, hitting hard on defense against common Fighting and Dragon-type, making it the second best move in the game. Pair it up with Dazzling Gleam and you get the best fairy-type offence. But owing to the low energy generation of Charm, it takes considerable time to charge, and thus, is not suggested. Ancient Power, with a damage of 70 is much favoured, as it can give you a potential defence boost. Aerial Ace is another decent attack with a damage of 55.

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4. Groudon

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Ground
  • Weaknesses: Grass, Ice, Water
  • Max CP: 4115

Groudon boasts one of the best stats among the meta in Master League. Not only does it have insanely high CP of 4115 but also has insanely powerful charge attacks. Moreover, it’s ground typing means it has only a few vulnerabilities, out of which most of them are too rare to be found in the Master League. This means Ground currently enjoys a safe spot in the Master League.

Talking about it’s match-ups, Groudon consistently dominates the likes of Giratina, Melmetal, Mewtwo and most importantly Dialga. As meantioned earlier, due to it’s high CP and extremely well rounded stats, Groudon seems to be the best all in one fit for Master League. However, even a maxed out Groudon loses out to some of the metas in the game. The key loses we see are generally coming from the likes of Kyogre, Dragonite and Palkia. Even then, Groudon performs quite well against it’s weaknesses when the shields are down.

Groudon has a lot of variety in terms of charge attacks but is limited to only Dragon Tail and Mud Shot as fast moves. For PvP we recommend you Mud Shot due to it’s comparatively higher energy gains, coupled with Earthquake as primary charge move and Fire Punch as secondary charge move. With this variety in charge moves, Groudon may still not able to counter it’s weaknesses but still performs reasonably better among the Meta.

3. Mewtwo

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Psychic
  • Weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Ghost
  • Max CP: 4178

With a max CP of 4178, Mewtwo is definitely a good choice for Master League. Also, owing to its massive attack stat of 300, it reigns supreme as the best attacker in the game. It also has a significantly varied charged movesets, making it very useful in the Master League.

Mewtwo’s comparably weaker defence makes it vulnerable to a few types, the most prominent being dark types. It has two fast moves-Confusion and psycho cut. While Confusion might sound appealing to you with a damage of 20, Psyco Cut (with a damage of 8) needs to be your preference as it has the second highest energy generation in the game which will help you make the most of its charged moves.

Mewtwo has a variety of charged moves, but Psystrike is a must-have. Despite being another Psychic-type move, it’s damage per energy cannot be ignored. Shadow Ball is another great alternative. Among the other charged moves, Ice Beam can be another alternative as it can be more effective against species seen more frequently in the Master League, like Dragon or Flying.

2. Giratina (Origin)

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Ghost, Dragon
  • Weakness: Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Fairy, Ice
  • Max CP Giratina Origin: 3683

While Giratina Altered was your choice for the Ultra League, you should get your Origin Forme ready for the Master League; the primary reasons being it’s higher CP, HP and attack power. It’s dual Ghost and Dragon-typing allows it to take down most other types, and it’s weaknesses are quite rare in the Master League, making it a very popular choice.

Moreover, Giratina Origin form performs with a respectable 77% consistency across any role you throw at it. The best thing is that the Giratina Origin form dominates over half of the meta, including the likes of Melmetal, Kyogre, Mewtwo and Giratina Origin forme. With the devastating attack and stamina stats, Giratina Origin form seems to work wonders if you are using it. The only thing it misses out on is the bulky defense stat. Now you might call it a glass canon, but it’s amazing stamina stat makes up for it. Now, it’s not that the Giratina Origin form is absolutely unbeatable in Master League. In fact, it loses out to some of the most prominent meta Pokemons in game. The key losses can be seen against Togekiss, Dialga, Dragonite and Groudon.

Coming to it’s moveset, Giratina Origin form is packed with high DPS charge movesets. Although it lacks variety, but then why would that be of any concern when it’s current moves are getting the job done. In the Master League, Giratina Origin form should be paired with Shadow Claw as fast move and Shadow Ball as charge move. As a secondary charge move, you could either use the Ominous Wind or Dragon Pulse. Though the latter provides a wider coverage, the former is ideal for PvP.

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1. Dialga

Best Pokemon For Master League Season 2 Pokemon GO IrisGuardian
  • Type: Steel, Dragon
  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground
  • CP: 4038

I’d like to start by suggesting that if you don’t have a Dialga in your team, you better make sure you have a counter(or two) ready. One of the highest CP Pokémon with all the right moves, the dual dragon and steel typing of Dialga makes it somewhat mandatory for the Master League.

The steel typing makes it resistant to a lot of other types, and it’s Dragon typing makes it strong against most-including Dragon. Which is great, as it ends up being vulnerable to only ground and fighting-type attacks, and is resistant to almost 10 different types of moves. With Dialga, you’re dominating half of the metas with ease including the likes of Togekiss, Giratina of both forms, Kyogre and Dragonite. This makes Dialga one of the most feared Pokemon in the entire Master League in Pokemon Go.

When it comes to moveset, Dragon Breath should definitely be your first choice as fast move. It is one of the strongest fast moves in PvP having a DPS of 14.4. For charge move, you have two options- Draco meteor or Iron Head. While Draco Meteor deals a massive 150 damage, it requires considerable energy to charge, and your Dialga is most likely to faint before you use it. So you should only use Draco Meteor as a finishing move. On the other hand, Iron Head deals a damage of 60, but it requires much less energy, and can be used as a good offensive move. Thunder with a damage of 100 can be your second choice, but it requires higher energy than Iron Head to charge.

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Swetabh Srivastava is the Co-founder & author at IrisGuardian. He's an avid tech enthusiast, having experience in the field of tech journalism for years. He now contributes his knowledge in various online platforms including IrisGuardian and most other social platforms. For most part, he's a writer by day and reader by night. When he's off work, you can find him sketching or reading novels of Stephen King on the go.