From the change in CP cap to the release of Kalos Pokemon and a special December community Day, Niantic has offered a lot to trainers all around the world. But before the year-end, we have yet another exciting collaboration event to look forward to. Yes, to celebrate the release of Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, a new limited-time Special Research ‘Distracted by Something Shiny’ will be made available on December 14, in which you will be able to encounter a guaranteed Shiny Celebi.


Shiny Celebi In Pokemon Go

Celebi made its first debut in Pokemon Go in the 2019 Pokemon Go Fest, and has been available for all trainers from the special research quest: A Ripple in Time. This limited the players with having only one Celebi, for this mythical Pokemon cannot be traded, nor found anywhere else.

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The mythical Grass and Psychic-type Pokemon from the Johto region, Celebi has a max CP of 3691, with 210 attack, 210 defence and 225 stamina. It is known to time travel, and is the guardian of the Ilex forest. It’s weaknesses come in the form of Bug, Dark, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ice and Poison-type moves.

Distracted by Something Shiny Quest

However, you can get yourself a Shiny Celebi from the special time-limited Research story, inspired by a new upcoming animated movie- Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. For a change, you will be guided through the research by Team Go Rocket’s Jessie and James, instead of Professor Willow. Also, you will encounter a guaranteed Shiny Celebi as a reward on completion of the quest line. So here’s how you can get yourself Shiny Celebi in the quickest way possible!

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Pokemon Go: Distracted by Something Shiny – STEP 1

Transfer 10 Pokémon10 Ultra Balls
Catch 10 Grass-type PokémonNuzleaf Encounter
Evolve 3 Grass-type PokémonCottonee Encounter

STEP 1 Completion Reward

Diglett (Kanto)500 Stardust1,000 XP

Pokemon Go: Distracted by Something Shiny – STEP 2

Play with your Buddy 10 timesPoffin
Take a snapshot of a Grass-type PokémonCombee Encounter
Give your Buddy 10 treatsCherubi Encounter

STEP 2 Completion Reward

Pinsir500 Stardust1,000 XP

Pokemon Go: Distracted by Something Shiny – STEP 3

Defeat Jessie or James 4 times5 Max Revive
Make 5 Great Curveball ThrowsHoothoot Encounter
Hatch 3 EggsWhimsicott Encounter

STEP 3 Completion Reward

Vibrava500 Stardust1,000 XP

Pokemon Go: Distracted by Something Shiny – STEP 4

Claim Reward500 XP
Claim RewardOddish Encounter
Claim RewardFoongus Encounter

STEP 4 Completion Reward

Shiny Celebi500 Stardust1,000 XP

Handy Tip To Hatch Eggs Quicker

The ‘Distracted by Something Shiny’ asks for hatching several eggs and even evolving a Pokemon. Now this may not seem like much at first, but it might soon be a problem for people who run on busy routine or someone who is forced to stay in due to lockdown. Here’s where you can try this little nifty tool from Amazon and we get around anywhere near 60km to 110km daily. Just so you know, we use this to determine shiny rates through egg hatches.

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If you are really a hardcore Pokemon Go player, you might need this one in order to acquire all of the shiny Pokemons from egg hatches.

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