If you have been a hardcore Pokemon player, you must know that the core Pokemon games have NPC or Non Players Characters. These players are available in various parts of the map to interact and battle, throughout the trainer’s journey. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, Niantic has announced that this feature will be arriving in Pokemon Go very soon. What’s better is that instead of any random character, actual Pokemon Go players will get a chance to be one of the NPCs.

Yes, the Pokemon Go team is holding a competition to choose which player’s trainer Avatar will make it to these NPCs. The competition will be live from 4th January, and will be available until 11th January at 11:59PM PST. Read on to find out how to register for the competition and win a chance to immortalise yourself as an NPC in Pokemon Go.


Competition Date and Time

The competition will go live on 4th January, and will be available till Monday, 11th January at 11:59PM. After this, any selection would not be considered for judging.

To enter into the competition, go to Niantic’s Twitter page, you must post the following with the hashtag #PokemonGoTourContest.
Note: There can be only one submission per player.

  • A screenshot of your Trainer profile. It must include your Trainer name and your Avatar’s outfit.
  • A list of three Pokemon from Kanto region which you want in your team. However, you cannot include Ditto, any Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. This would eliminate Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Mewtwo and Mew.
  • Make sure that you add the correct hashtag i.e. #PokemonGoTourContest

The registration is completely free, and will be taking submissions till Monday, January 11 at 11:59PM. Once the competition is over, Niantic will be choosing eight winners. The criteria for judging is:

  • Creativity of the Avatar outfit.
  • Composition of the Pokemon team
  • Overall theme

Niantic has also suggested some ideas as to how you can make your submission more appealing. These tips include:

  • Try giving yourself a theme. For example, you can pose as an Energetic Electric-type trainer, or as a composed Water-type.
  • You can also show off your Pokemon Go team in your screenshot i.e. whether you are Team Mystic, Team Valour or Team Instinct.

Once the judging is over, eight winners will be announced on Niantic’s Twitter page on February 20th. The selected trainers will be featured during the Pokemon Go tour: Kanto event. These players can be seen by everyone in Pokemon Go, regardless of whether you purchase the Kanto tour ticket or not. For those who do buy the tickets, they will not only get the chance to capture shiny Mew, but also challenge these NPC and earn rewards.
The featured trainers, or the NPCs are expected to work like the Team Go Rocket Grunts or the Team Leaders. They will appear randomly in the map, and players can interact with them simply by tapping on the trainer Avatar.

Here are a few entries in Niantic’s Twitter page for the aforementioned event:

Example 1
Example 2