Gotta catch ’em all- if you go by this motto, you might face some difficulties in finding some of the rare Pokemons of the game- Spinda being one of them.

A Normal-type Pokémon, Spinda is one of the rarest and most unique in the game. It cannot be caught in the wild and is available to players only through field research, making it one of the most sought Pokémons. In addition to that, the pattern on its body is different for each catch and presently the game offers you 9 variations( the Valentine’s exclusive love heart Spinda is no longer available). So here is our guide to catch a Spinda in Pokemon go.


Spinda Variations In Pokemon GO

How To Catch Spinda In Pokemon GO in 2020

In the main game, there are apparently billions of variations of Spinda, with each one having a unique patter. Things are a little easier in Pokemon Go, with just nine forms to catch. Earlier each month used to offer a different form to collect, but from June 2019, the forms cycle back around again- so you can catch the ones you previously missed.

Currently, there are eight forms available through field research tasks. Throughout the Valentine’s Day event, a special love heart version of Spinda was available, but after the passage of the event, it is not available anymore.

Shiny form of Spinda was released on July 1st, 2019 that is when the patterns started rotating, and since then, each pattern of Spinda can be shiny.

How To Find Spinda In Pokemon GO

How To Catch Spinda In Pokemon GO in 2020

Field research is essentially a special task you get when you spin a Pokestop, and on completion, you get a reward. The reward can be anything from balls to berries or Pokemons which include rare spawns. It is here you’ll be focusing to get a Spinda.

The field research task for getting a Spinda is Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a row. This challenge is actually a common one but even if you don’t get this, remember you can always delete a challenge, and spin the Pokestop again for a new one.

Once you get this task, you will see a circle with a question mark in the middle, and grass behind. This indicates a Pokemon encounter reward( that is, in this case, a Spinda). Now all you need to do is land five consecutive great Curveball throws and you’ll be able to start the encounter.

NOTE: Landing an Excellent throw will be counted as a great throw, but not a ‘nice’ one. Also, don’t worry if you are not able to catch a Pokemon with the Great throws. You can even do it on different Pokemons at different times- just make sure your each throw is ‘Great’ or ‘Excellent’ without a miss.

Once you complete this mission, head back to your field research screen and start your encounter with Spinda. Keep in mind that Pokemons from field research rewards cannot flee – this will just be unfair. So, take your time catching it, you might as well consider using a Pinap berry to gain extra candies. You need not waste your Golden Razz or Silver Pinap berries here as Spinda is not that difficult to catch.

How To Throw A Great Curveball

This mission isn’t easy, and might take a while to complete. For a great Curveball throw, spin the ball in small circles in the centre of your screen, till you see stars and sparkles around it, and remember you will have to throw it in the opposite direction of your spin. That is, if you have been spinning it in the left direction, throw the ball on the right side of the screen or vice versa.

Once you get this right, toss the ball at the Pokemon when the circle begins to close so that it lands in the center of the circle. You’ll make a “great” throw when the circle is about half closed and you hit the center.

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Tips To Make 5 Great Curveball Throws In A Row

  • Find a Pokemon with a large catch area or circle. Few examples are Wailmer, Stantler or any legendary Pokemon.
  • Use Pokeballs instead of Great or Ultra Balls so that you can do multiple throws on the same Pokemon.
  • Try this in a 5 star raid where you get Premier Balls to catch legendaries. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to do it in 1 go.
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