The first Community Day for the year of 2021 will feature Machop, the Fighting-type Pokemon from Gen 1. Machop was supposed to be featured last year, but was delayed. but finally, players will get a chance to evolve Machop into Machamp, one of the most powerful Fighting-type in the game. Along with an increased chance of getting your hands on a shiny Machop, players will get the Community-day exclusive move Payback, if they evolve a Machamp during the event. Machamp is an excellent choice for both PvP as well as Raids, therefore try catching as many Machop as possible in order to get one of a decent IV. If you are lucky, you can even evolve a 100IV shiny!


Machop Community day Date and Time

The Machop Community Day will begin on Friday, January 16 at 11AM local time, and will last till 5PM local time. During this time, Machop will be spawning in increased amounts in the wild, and will also appear when Incense or Lure Modules are used. During the Community Day, the chances of encountering a shiny Machop will increase- it can be as high as 1 in 25 encounters. During the event, you can also get photobombed by Machop. This means, if you click a picture of any Pokemon in AR, Machop will appear in the photo, and then out in the wild for you to catch.

To get the Community Day exclusive move Payback, you have to evolve your Machop into Machamp during the active window of the event. You can also get the move upto two hours afterwards the Community Day.

Machop Community Day Features

The following features will go live as soon as the Machop Community Day starts, and will end accordingly. This means all of them are time-limited, and will end on January 16, 5p.m. local time.

Increased Rates for Shiny Machop

Community Days are known for the increased rates of the shiny forms of the featured Pokemon throughout the event. The same will happen for Machop- the shiny rate is expected to be close to 1 in every 25 encounters. The shiny variant for the whole Machop family is lime green and is quite distinctive from the normal form. If you catch enough Machop, you can get a shiny with a decent IV, which not only will be a new member to your Shiny List, but can also be used in Raids and Go Battle Leagues.

Community Day Exclusive Move- Payback

The exclusive Move for the Machop Community Day will be Payback. A dark-type move, Payback has the potential of performing well against Psychic-type Pokemon. To get this Community-day exclusive move, you have to evolve your Machop into Machamp during the Community Day, or up to two hours afterwards. Payback cannot be obtained by any other means, not even with elite charged TMs.

Community Day Exclusive Special Research Story

A special Research Story ‘Straight to the Top, Machop’ will go live during the Community Day. This Community Day exclusive Special Research will be available for US $1. However, for those players who have purchased the tickets for the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto, this Special Research Story will be free.

Bonus catch Stardust and Incense Duration

Players will get upto 3x extra Stardust per catch. This is viable for those who want to give their Machoke an extra move (which costs 50,000 Stardust and 50 candies). This bonus is available for catching any Pokemon during the community day, and not exclusively Machop. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to stock up some Stardust. Also, any incense used duration during the Community Day will last up to 3 hours.

Machop Community Day Box

A special Community Day Box will be available for 1,280 Pokecoins in the Credit store. This box will contain 1 Elite Charged TM, 4 Incense, 4 Star Pieces, and 30 Ultra Balls.

Machop Community Day Exclusive Move Payback analysis in Pvp and PvE

Machamp being a Psychic-type Pokemon is vulnerable to fairy, Flying and Psychic-types. Therefore, the addition of Payback, a dark-type move can act as its saviour from the Psychic-type Pokemon. Earlier, the most used Charged moves by Machamp were Cross Chop (having 50 Damage and 35 Energy requirement) and Rock Slide (having 75 damage and 45 Energy requirement). It also has the capability of learning Normal and Steel-type moves. Now with Payback available in game, you might want to switch Counter for Payback, even if it has a higher energy requirement. This would mean the likes of Mewtwo, Lugia, Giratina, Togekiss, Mew, and Gengar can take damage from Machamp; while Rock Slide can take care of the Flying types.

To use Payback in PvP or the Go Battle League, make sure that it is charged, and the opponent’s shields are down, while facing any Psychic-type. This would ensure it takes minimal damage from the Psychic-type fast move of its opponent, and hopefully one shot it. Therefore, Payback is a must-have for Machamp and its addition might bring up its ranking by a few places in Meta.

Things get interesting when we talk about raids. Payback is a strong Dark-type move, and can be threatening to the Legendary Raid Bosses such as Cressilia, Deoxys and more. However, the fast moves of the Legendary raid bosses hit hard- a few hits can take down Machamp with ease, if it is Psychic-type. But the point to be noted is that not all Fast moves of the Psychics are Pyschic-typed. Now, how would you know which move the Raid Boss has? Well for this, you need to pay attention to the recommended battle party which is suggested by the game, when you are in the lobby. The game would never recommend the Pokemon which are weak against the moves which the Raid Boss has. Therefore, if you see you Machamp in the recommended party, its safe to use it. If it is not there, its better to go with other types, as the Raid Boss would have the moves which can be deadly for your Machamp.

Future Community Days in Pokemon Go

Roselia Pokemon Go Irisguardian

On January 14, Niantic has announced that the featured Pokemon for the February Community Day would be Roselia, the flower Pokemon. The February Community Day will go live on Sunday, February 7 from 11AM to 5PM local time. Roselia evolves into Roserade, which is a decent Grass-type Pokemon for both PvP and PvE.

As for the other Community Days in future, the featured Pokemon can be Vulpix or Dratini. This is because Machop previously lost to Rhyperior in the polls, where Dratini and Vulpix were also the options. Machop got its Community Day this year, and the sam can happen with both of them.