Powerful, majestic and mysterious- the legendaries are one of a kind, and are sought by all the trainers in the Pokemon Go community. They are considered to be the best in the game (barring some other non-legendaries- a topic of discussion in another article), and few are considered to be all rounders: be it taking down powerful raid bosses or in PvP battles, you can always rely on them. Therefore, powering up the Legendaries is always a safe bet.

Here we are ranking up 5 of the most popular Legendaries, which are excellent in PvP battles or the Go Battle League, and are best suited to lavish your rare candies upon.

Note: In this article, we are also including the mythical Pokemons

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10. Ho-Oh

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Ho-Oh has better performance in the Ultra League, where it starts to wield the only real advantage afforded to it; a good stat-spread. This means Ho-Oh fairs slightly better here against several strong Pokemon such as Groudon, Metagross, and Togekiss. Even gifted with such decent stats, Ho-Oh still has a major issue, that is, it’s movesets which takes fairly long to charge, meaning not suitable for PvP; but nonetheless it has its niches. However, as the depth of its niche deepens, its breath narrows if the opponent commits 2 shields. Ho-Oh has even more trouble here against many of the tier’s monstrous threats, such as Kyogre, both forms of Giratina, and Zekrom.

However, even with all these shortcomings, Ho-Oh shines the brightest against some of the best and most common Master League contenders including Dialga, Togekiss, Melmetal and Groudon. This is due to the presence of well rounded stat of Ho-Oh combining with it’s unique typing of Fire and Flying!

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9. Mewtwo

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

With the highest CP in the game- as high as 4,178, Mewtwo cannot let down any team, its extremely high attack stat being an additional benefit. Although now nerfed, Mewtwo still has one of the highest attack stat in Pokemon Go (300), falling short only of the Mega Evolutions. The legacy move Shadow Ball is extremely powerful, but Psystrike requires comparatively less energy, while still hitting hard. When the STAB bonus is added, Mewtwo becomes the best Psychic-type attacker in Pokemon Go, and even though Armoured Mewtwo might be preferred in the Ultra League, the normal Mewto goes absolutely berserk in the Master, and is quite hard to beat.

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Mewtwo has some weaknesses which you should watch out for- Bug, Dark and Ghost. While Bug types are not so common in the Master League, Giratina Origin forme is a major threat, and therefore you might consider adding a Togekiss in your team.

8. Latios

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Being a dual Psychic and Dragon-type, Latios gains a number of weaknesses; however it also has a number of resistances, and performs well against other powerful Psychic and Dragon-types. The low Stamina of Latios is made up by it’s impressive attack and defence, and a high DPS. Ranked 9th for top attacker in Pokemon Go, Latios is also the third best Psychic-type attacker, making it an excellent choice in your team. Although it has more potential as a Psychic-type attacker, it’s versatile moveset allows it to perform well as a Dragon-type, especially in the Great League.

Latios has a number of weaknesses- Fairy, Ghost, Dark, Dragon, Ice and Bug. It also has many resistances: Fighting, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic and Fire. Therefore before using it in your team, you should take them in consideration.

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7. Melmetal

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Thanks to the CP restriction removed in Master League, Melmetal’s can now utilize it’s 3599 max CP in the Master League. Even though, it doesn’t actually have its signature move yet, it’s current moveset is really good and complements its typing well. Melmetal’s strengths in PvP are its excellent charge moves backed by a fast energy-generating Thunder Shock, allowing Melmetal to apply large shield pressure as a tanky Pokemon offering coverage against huge forces like Dialga and Togekiss as well as other important Steel – and Flying-types.

6. Zekrom

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

The dual Electric and Dragon-type legendary Zekrom is the undeniable king of Electric-types in Pokemon Go; but it does quite well as a Dragon-type attacker: it’s ranked 4th in terms of TDO, and 7th in terms of DPS. While it has an incredible attack stat and a decent bulk, it’s Dragon-type movesets reduce it’s DPS, and thus, it performs best when shielded. However, it’s powerful moves deal massive damage and if unshielded, it’s highly unlikely that it’s opponent survives it’s attack. Though not so useful in Ultra League because of the presence of better Dragons, it can be highly useful in the Master League, and can prove to be a great lead attacker.

Being an Electric-type makes Zekrom vulnerable to Ground, and it’s Dragon typing makes it vulnerable to Fairy, Dragon and Ice-type attacks. It also gives it a number of viable weaknesses in the form of Steel, Water, Grass, Flying, Fire and Electric.

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5. Giratina (Altered)

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Giratina Altered is considered to be one of the most threatening Ultra League opponents, and is definitely a must-have. While Giratina Origin is considered to be better in the Master League, it is only because of its higher CP cap. With greater Defence and easy access to STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), the bulky Giratina Altered shines in the Ultra League, while performing almost at par with Giratina Origin in the Master League.

While Giratina Altered weaknesses come in the form of Fairy, Dark, Dragon, Ghost and Ice-types, a number of resistances make up for that: it is resistant to Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Poison, Fighting and Normal types.

4. Giratina (Origin)

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

Giratina Origin is considered to be the best Ghost-type attacker, while also being one of the most threatening Master League opponents; and even in the Ultra League, it is a must-have. While Giratina Origin is considered to be better in the Master League, it is only because of its higher CP cap. With greater Attack stat and easy access to STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), the highly Attack focused Giratina Origin shines the best in Master League. Giratina Origin works the best as a closer to end the game, and gets it’s key wins against some major Master League contenders like Melmetal and Mewtwo.

Weaknesses come in the form of Fairy, Dark, Dragon, Ghost and Ice-type attacks. This should be a thing to worry, for it also has a ton of resistances- Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Poison, Fighting and Normal.

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3. Palkia

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

A dual Dragon and Water-type, Palkia is an excellent attacker with an impressive bulk. It is vulnerable to only Dragon and Fairy-type moves; but if you have Dragon-type moves, it can take down its Dragon opponents as well. One significant advantage is that Palkia does not have any double weakness to Ice-type attacks, and has a double resistance to Water and Fire-type attacks. The only factor which holds it back from being a top-tier attacker is it’s movepool. Palkia’s charged moves have a great energy requirement, and need one or both shields to take down its opponent. Once it gets its exclusive move, Spacial Rend, it might become as powerful as it should have been.

Palkia is weak against Dragon and Fairy-type attacks, and is resistant to Steel, Water and Fire.

2. Dialga

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

A Steel and Dragon-type, Dialga has only two weaknesses: Fighting and Ground-type, while having a ton of resistances (10) as well as two double resistances. It is the only Dragon-type that cannot take super-effective damage from other Dragon-types, and can prove to be a great asset to your team. However, the lack of a good move, as well as its signature move- the Roar of Time, it becomes a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, it’s stats and resistances makes it the undisputed leader of the Master League.

The weaknesses of Dialga are only Fighting and Ground types, which can be eliminated with ease.

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1. Groudon

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

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A pure Ground-type beast, Groudon is one of the strongest Pokemon to be released in Pokemon Go. Gifted with excellent stats, and an extremely high CP of 4074, it can prove to be an asset in almost every team. Add STAB in the game and you’ll get a beast with an attack stat as high 270. Although Groudon is not recommended in Ultra League, it shines really well in the Master League. It’s Ground-type move along with an additional charged attack Fire Punch can take down even the powerful Legendaries such as Dialga.

The weaknesses come in the form of Grass, Ice and Water which can be eliminated if you choose your team wisely.

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