The Pokemon Go Fest is winding up, and Day 2 saw the Team Go Rocket taking over the skies and ground. The whole event was fun, even amidst the ongoing pandemic- Niantic did a good job there. Both the days were filled with cool events, rare shinies, legendaries in 5-star raids and much more. To top it off, Ultra Unlock Bonuses was also featured- the traditional event of every Pokemon Go Fest.

For those who bought the tickets, 32 Global Challenges ran throughout the Day 1, which had to be completed in the Global Arena. Niantic encourages all the trainers to work together, so that they can unlock the Ultra Unlock Bonus event for all the Pokemon Go players globally, and now that the Go Fest is about to end, all the players should gear up for this mega event, which will begin on July 31st.


What is Ultra Unlock Week Event?

What is Ultra Unlock Week Event? IrisGuardian

Ultra Unlock is a set of 32 global challenges available for all the trainers who buy tickets for the Go Fest, and can be thought of as rewards which they earn for all players globally. It is three weeks of themed event, with featured Pokemon appearing in the wild, hatching from eggs, discovery of new shinies, along with Legendary and Mythical Pokemons appearing in the raid battles.

For every eight challenges completed, ticket holders unlock an additional Ultra Unlock event week for all, upto a maximum of three events (one week each). To track the progress of the challenges, you can go to Today View when the Go Fest is running (for only those who are attending). Each of the above challenges have been unlocked, and the event will be starting from July 31st.

Here are this year’s events for each week along with their rewards:

  • Ultra Unlock Week 1: Dragon Week
  • Ultra Unlock Week 2: Enigma Week
  • Ultra Unlock Week 3: Unova Week

Each of the above challenges have been unlocked, and the event will be starting from July 31st.

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2020 Ultra Unlock Week 1: Dragon Week

(Friday, 31st July- Friday, 7th August)

2020 Ultra Unlock Week 1: Dragon Week IrisGuardian

Dragon week is unlocked when trainers complete 8 out of 32 challenges. The Dragon Week will be commencing at 1 PM. local time. As the name suggests, this week will be featuring some of the rarest Dragon Type Pokemons appearing in the wild, as well as in egg hatches. What’s even better is all of these baby Pokemons can be shiny, both as wild encounters and egg hatches. However, one thing to note here is Niantic specifically mentioned that “If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Gible“. What this means is you might be encountering less number of Gible or Deino in the wild and in egg hatches. And yeah, good luck getting a Shiny Deino. Hope you know what we mean. So this might be one busy week for you if you’re considering to grind these mons.

Handy Tips for Dragon Week

  1. A friendly reminder – Pokemons like Bagon, Trapinch and Dratini have had their Community Days in the past. So we would strongly recommend you to evolve these three Pokemons in December Community Day to gain their exclusive moves which are extremely useful in Go Battles. And to be honest, the December Community Day isn’t even that far.
  2. Another handy dandy tip – Looking for shiny? Getting a shiny is way easier by hatching eggs rather than finding and grinding them in wild. Unfortunately, for that you’ll have to walk 3.5km per hatch, still it’s worth a try. However, there’s a solution!
  3. Yup! this is it – Niantic for the second time, specifically mentioned “Gible and Deino will also be hatching from 7 km Eggs, but only if you’re lucky!” Again, no mention of shiny here either. What this means is getting a shiny is really going to be a pain this time. To overcome these limitations, we use this incredibly nifty device from Amazon; mainly to determine shiny rates of egg hatches in game. With this device, you should be able to gain anywhere around 60km (38mi) to 90km(55mi) on a daily basis, and we totally recommend it, especially because of it’s cheap price and guaranteed shinies through eggs.

Highlights of Dragon Week

Wild EncountersAlolan Exeggutor, Horses, Dratini, Bagon, Trapinch, Swablu and Gible
Egg HatchesAlolan Exeggutor, Horses, Dratini, Bagon, Trapinch, Swablu, Deino and Gible
New ShinyDeino Family
Tier 5 Raid BossRayquaza (Chance of Shiny)
Rare FindsGible and Deino (Both Shiny & Non Shiny)

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2020 Ultra Unlock Week 2: Enigma Week

2020 Ultra Unlock Week 2: Enigma Week

\(Friday, 7th August- Friday, 14th August)

The Enigma week focuses on the mysterious Pokemons in Pokemon Go, and will bring the psychic-type Elgyem in the game for the first time. This required 16 global challenges to unlock, and will have a greater focus on mysterious psychic-types of the game, including the elusive Unown. It will start at 1 PM. local time, on August 7. In Enigma week, your main focus should be on Clefairy from both PvP and raid side perspective. Clefairy when evolved to Clefable, has the capacity to tear through the meta in Ultra League, and this alone makes it the single most important Pokemon in wild encounters. On the other side, one can’t help but admire the Shiny Starmie which looks absolutely stunning in that red and blue makeover.

Things quickly change when we move to the actual raids. Here, for the first time, Deoxys Normal Forme will be available in it’s Shiny forme. In case, you’re after Shiny Deoxys, you might be needing bucket loads of Premium Raid Pass as this event is only available for 3 days. Moving towards the egg hatches, there’s only two featured baby mons, these are Cleffa and Igglybuff. Both of them have their shiny form available, so watch out for those too.

Handy Tips for Enigma Week

  1. First and foremost, if you’re going after the Shiny Deoxys, you might be needing at least 24 Premium Raid Passes. This aligns with the current Shiny rate of Legendary or above raids which is 1 in 21. So, unless you’re really lucky, you should get the extra Premium Raid Pass.
  2. The next tip is more or less same as of Dragon Week. If you don’t have a Shiny Cleffa or Igglybuff, you might want to use a Step-Counter (Amazon) like we do. This will guarantee you both the Shinies within two days of time. Overall, it’s really hassle free, cheap and is highly recommended.

Highlights of Enigma Week

Wild EncountersStaryu, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Lunatone, Solrock, Baltoy, Bronzor, and Elygem
Egg HatchesCleffa, Igglybuff, Lunatone, Solrock and Elygem
New ShinyStaryu, Starmie and Deoxys (Normal Forme)
Tier 5 Raid BossDeoxys (Normal Forme)
RaidsBronzong, Claydol, Elygem, and Unown U, L, T, R, and A

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2020 Ultra Unlock Week 3: Unova Week

2020 Ultra Unlock Week 3: Unova Week IrisGuardian

(Friday, 14th August- Friday, 21st August)

Unova Week is unlocked upon completion of 24 global challenges, and focuses on Pokemons discovered in the Unova region. The Unova week starts at 1 PM. local time, on August 14 and it will see the debut of a number of new Pokemons and shinies. Genesect, Emolga and Roggenrola will be released, along with some new Pokemons such as Sewaddle, Cottonee, and Bouffalant (Bouffalant will be available only in New York City and surrounding areas). Again, this might be a turn off for some as this Pokemon is region locked. However, we see no significant advantages of this Pokemon in PvE or PvP and it’s definitely not a meta defining Pokemon either. So in short, you might be only catching it to add up to your collection.

This time around there’s not much to do, especially for someone who is not in New York. There’s no good egg hatches but you have good mons in raids. So, if you want a Shiny Mythical, you might have to stack a lot of premium raid pass. This sums it up all for the Unova Week, and honestly, it left us wanting for more.

Handy Tips for Unova Week

  1. The first tip is, if you’re going after the Shiny Genesect, you might want at least 25 Premium Raid Passes. Why? Well, that’s because, the current Shiny rate for Legendary or above raids is 1 in 21. This is when you’re unlucky and honestly we believe you might encounter a Shiny Genesect after 15th raid.
  2. This is the same egg hatching trick we discussed earlier and it most probably guarantees a shiny. This might come handy if you are after the Shiny Emolga which has better Shiny rates while hatching eggs rather than wild encounters.

Highlights of Unova Week

Wild EncountersSewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga and Bouffalant (New York City Exclusive)
Egg HatchesSewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga and Bouffalant (New York City Exclusive)
New ShinyRoggenrola Family and Genesect
Tier 5 Raid BossGenesect (Chance of Shiny)
RaidsRoggenrola (Chance of Shiny) and Genesect (Chance of Shiny)
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