Data miners of Pokemon Go, or more specifically PokeMiners have done their work again, and this time they have found huge information about the much anticipated Mega Evolution in the Pokemon Go database. They deciphered the APK update which was rolled out on August 18, and posted their findings on Reddit. Their findings included information about how Mega Evolutions will work, and how you can Mega Evolve your Pokemon. So here is everything we know as of now about Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go.


What is Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go?

Mega Blastoise

Mega Evolution is a temporary transformation undergone by certain Pokemon which make them stronger and look different. It was introduced in Pokemon X and Y, and requires a Mega Stone, Mega Candies and a Key Stone. They are temporary and tied to an in-game time, and will revert back to their original form once the duration is over. The code indicates that the fuel for Mega Evolution is Mega Candies, and players can obtain these candies from Mega Raids.

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In the main series games, there are 46 Pokemon that can be Mega Evolved, and 48 Mega Evolution. All of them require their own Mega Stone, and the trainers need to have a Key Stone. The Mega Pokemon has different stats (with the exception of HP), and have to be in the maximum level in order to Mega Evolve. Pokemon Go is expected to follow the same. Also, Kyogre and Groudon cannot Mega Evolve; however they undergo Primal Reversion which is said to restore a Pokemon’s true powers. Upon Primal Reversion, they transform into Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon.

Mega Raids

Mega Charizard

Once Mega Evolution become official, players will get to raid and capture Mega Evolved Pokemon. It will have a different lobby, as well as a special Mega Evolution music. The data we got revealed that the raids will provide Mega candies or Mega Energy and a unique reward, about which we don’t have any idea as of now.

The first Mega Raids will feature the three starter Pokemon of Kanto region: Mega Blastoise, Mega Venusaur and Mega Charizard. You might want to keep them prepared and level them up to be prepared once the update is rolled out.

Mega Candies

The Mega Raids will grant Mega Candies, which are likely to work as a replacement of the ‘Mega Evolution Stone’ in the main series games. The miners came across a line of data called ‘ShowMegaSpendEvolveCosts’, but did not receive any details about it. This indicates that Mega Evolution will have a certain cost, but Niantic is yet to decide what that will be.

However, if we refer to the more current mined resources, the speculation is that Mega Candies might be replaced by Mega Energy.

Mega Evolution Timer and Mega Energy

Mega Venusaur

The Mega Evolution will be a temporary transformation of the Pokemons, and a field called ‘Mega Time’ found in the mined data confirms the same. A time limit will be imposed upon Mega evolution, and will be displayed for the players to see.

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Also, each Pokemon will have their own ‘Mega Energy’, and it is expected to be synced with the Mega Evolution timer. Once the Mega Energy is exhausted, the Pokemons will return to their normal form. The amount of Mega Energy required will reduce if you are best buddies with your Pokemon. You will also get Mega Energy from Mega Raids, and once you reach the maximum amount of Mega Energy you can collect, the rewards you receive will be reduced.

Mega Evolution Quests: A Mega Discovery

The data indicated that there are going to be Special Research quests named Mega Evolution quest, and we don’t know as of now if it will be a one time event, or something you need to complete for each species. Most likely these quests or research lines would be the key to unlock Mega Evolution by granting the Mega Stone for evolution.

However, we do know that a special research quest called “A Mega Discovery” would be released, which will involve Beedrill and it’s Mega form.

Mega Evolution Animation and Display

New animations will be added when you Mega evolve a Pokemon, and the data indicates that it involves rapidly spinning the evolving Pokemon, along with the mega evolution symbol glowing with a rainbow gradient. Mega evolved Pokemon get new voice and animation, as well as the display screen for name, CP, Pokedesk entry, etc. are going to change accordingly. Similarly, there will be animations when the Mega evolved Pokemon revert back to their original form once the duration is over.

Mega Evolution Highlights and Overview

Mega Evolution Highlights and Overview

Mega evolution will be a temporary evolution, and your Pokemon have to be maxed out in order to be Mega Evolved. You will also need a Mega Stone along with the appropriate amount of Mega Candy or Mega Energy. Mega Evolutions will likely see a boost similar to Shadow Pokemons or Weather boost, with the possible increase in CP- all for a limited amount of time.

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As in the main series, Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go will also have a subdivision for X and Y formes i.e. for Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y; and Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. It seems currently Mega Evolved Pokemons cannot be traded, used in the Go Battle League or put in Gyms. This might however change in the future.

We also know that the amount of Mega energy required to Mega evolve Pokemons reduce with the friendship level. And we also know that the first three Pokemons which will be able to Mega Evolve are Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard, along with Beedrill. Therefore, we suggest that you start levelling up your friendship level with one of these Kanto starters and a Beedrill in order to make Mega Evolution easier and faster for yourself.

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